the internet is for me a place that connects people with each other. a web that can connect the whole world together. a perfect place  for exchanging information or seeking company. there are  many ways for meeting and keep in contact with others on the internet. IM (msn, yahoo),forums, Chat rooms, facebook, twitter, dating sites,blogs, hyves, email and this are just the things I know about.

the need of people to connect with the rest of the world is now grater then ever and that isn’t strange because we also know more about the rest of the world then we ever did by news on TV radio and internet. And travelling around the whole thing is very easy (if you have enough money).

I’m a fan of inter-meting because it’s so much easier then really meeting people. on line-life can’t ever replace  real-life but it is a good extension of real-life, if you do it right they compliment each other rather then work against one other.

of all the way’s of inter-meting Forums and Twitter are at the moment my favourite’s.

what I like about forums is that you can post whenever you like to, and there is no expectation of imitate response (unlike IM and chatrooms) so you can take your time to think about what you have to say.

right now the only forum I am on is the Stephen Fry Forum at witch is a wonderful forum, not only because we speak about my hero Stephen fry all the time but also because the people are very kind and everything can be discussed. the monitors are keeping the place save and friendly, in a non bossing around kind of way.  I have been a member of a Dutch scientific forum a couple years ago (meanly to ask homework questions) and they where the perfect example of how NOT to run a forum. they went mad when you where a bit off topic and I leaved after receiving a PM (personal massage) from a monitor if I could please stop closing my post with greetings or something like that because it was a inefficient way of posting. they didn’t seem to know that forums where suppose it be fun (in my opinion anyway).

Twitter, is the new sensation and I love it. the concept is simple you have 140 characters (spaces included) to answer the simple question what are you doing? you can follow people you find interesting and others can follow you. following means that you get there updates on your page. in practise the what are you doing question is not all that imported people just say what they want. often where they are or how the weather is or how they are doing. sometimes the platform is used as a kind of chat if you notice people are twittering when you are. what also makes it even more interesting are the celebrity’s on twitter that also are telling what they are up to and are willing to answer short on questions they get in tweets (the message on twitter is a tweet). a couple well known people on there are Barrack Obama (yes the President one) Jonathan Ross, Allen Davies,  Phillip Jupitus and I saved best for last, the Twitter King Stephen Fry.

I must also say that blogging is so far also fun to do.

okay, enough for one blog I think hope you enjoyed reading it just as much as I did making it.

see you later (alligator)



One response to “inter-meting

  1. Great to see you’ve moved on to blogs as well. Love the lay-out and three hoorays for Twitter and Stephen Fry!

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