modern art ?

first I want to point out that I don’t know much about art but do know what I like and I certainly know what I don’t like.

To me it looks like the term modern art is being (miss)used. one throws some paint on a canvass and it is art?  another puts some old rusty metal in a park and it is art? or is it just a art to get away with this kind of thing. of course not all modern art is junk but it is clear to me that only under the name of modern art you can get away with it. in the paint and sculpture world it is most clear to me, but I am sure they are not the only forms of art who are guilty of this.

for example take a look at this painting:


this is the work of Piet Mondriaan a Dutch painter and he is very well known and loved by many. I am sorry but the only thing I can see here is a painting by numbers exercise for dummy’s. I can’t see much skill in it and it lacks all imagination. and it is not that the man can’t paint no, he also has made other kinds of paintings like this one:


this looks a lot better, so why did he make the other ? and why do people like the coloured squares so much? is it just because it is new? or did the man make a name for himself already and nobody dared to say that it was the most boring thing they ever seen?

If anyone can explain please do because I haven’t a clue.


2 responses to “modern art ?

  1. Piet mondriaan was a great inventor and the artist who tried so many styles you name it pointilism expressionism impressionism, cubism etc. His goal was to create a perfect balance and his work evolved into black lines and only pimair colours. It took a lot of effort to create a painting like the squares, lots of layers and a great studdy of composition. it was not like: here a sqaure and a line there……. I think he achieved the balance very well and like his work a lot!

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