cats and dogs

you have two kind of people, people who love cats and people who love dogs.

a small correction.

you have four kind of people. people who love cats, people who love dogs, people who hate both species and there are  people like me.

I love cats and dogs.

I grew up with cat’s but was always asking for a dog but the answer was always no. mum and dad where not just being mean no they had good reasons to deny me the pleasure of owning a dog. (I can see that now). a dog needs attention and taking care, it has to be taking out for walks no matter what the weather it is and a dog can’t stay alone at home for to long. the promise that I would take good care of it was directed to deaf man’s ears and that was probably a good thing.

we had (the once I have memory of anyway) with the one we have now had 3 cats in total and  always one at the time. and all have been (or still is) very sweet and good company.

Cats and dogs have, beside being both pets from people, nothing in common. they are truly two completely diffrent kind of animals.

could you do me a favour and accept for me  that from now on till the end of this post cat’s and dogs are as intelligent as humans and more importantly can speak as we do. in reason that I ask this is because to make clear where in my view the differences lay between cats and dogs, I will have a conversation with both of them.

the situation is as the following: I come home, had a bad day because I just broke up with my boyfriend and suspect that this could really be the end of the on-off relationship that has been going on for a couple years. but no worries because at home there is my best friend to make me feel better

the dog (Duska)

me: hello, I am home.

Duska: he there, wonderful to see you again, I missed you, had a nice day?

me: no, I broke of with Peter.think maybe this time it isn’t going to work out any more.

Duska:   oh, you poor thing,come sit here, you are going to be just fine.

and what follows is some hugging and petting. it does make me  feel a lot better :).

the Cat (Manau)

me: hello, I am home.

Manau: hi there, are you al right, I don’t want to be rude but you look like shit.

me: I feel like shit, just broken off with peter…

Manau: again ??

me: yes, think I might be for good this time.

Manau: good, he is no good for you.

me: I love him so…

manau: and he loves you, just as much as the next women what walks by.

Manau: come, I’ll sit with you for a wile, you will just be fine.

and that is the difference between cat’s and dogs. dogs are unconditional loyal and always will try to cheer you up. cat’s are also always on your side but are not afraid to speak his mind.

what is the best? that depends I think on what kind of person you are.


2 responses to “cats and dogs

  1. And you have people like me, who love all animals and are unbelievably allergic to many species!

    We had a dog until I was a year or so, because my allergies surfaced pretty soon. I have no recollection of him, only pictures and the stories my parents tell me. Yet I love dogs and tend to get on well with them when I’m at friends who do have dogs.

    It’s the same with cats… They tend to like me, because I’m allergic. I don’t want to have all their attention. They like me because I’m calm, so I usually I’m the preferred seat.

    Despite the many allergies, I still had a lot of pets. Hamsters! Button quail! Zebra finches. It took me over one year and a half to get the full trust of my little Picasso, the button quail. Although he always liked running about our feet and roaming the living room and kitchen, he does not like to be held. He wants his freedom. Yet he loves attention, and will crow if he notices one of us is missing. He can count!

    Lately I’ve noticed that I can pick him up and scratch his little chin. He loves it, although he’s always a bit distressed at the beginning. I guess that means he really has put his trust in me!

    However, I do not think that I could ever have a coherent conversation with him, like the ones you wrote with the cat and the dog. It’ll probably be ‘Gemme out of this cage and let me run’ or ‘Gimme attention!’ or ‘I don’t like the look of this bag, I’m going to intimidate it by crowing until it goes away!’ (which never works). Yet I will always get ‘I’m so happy to see you!’

  2. thank you for your comment 🙂
    I don’t think if the cat’s and dogs can talk we could have this kind of conversation with them. what I wanted to make clear is the different kind of attitude they have to people (in my opinion).

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