the Fry-effect

I’ve told you that his name would pop up every now and then and here he is, I’m of course talking about Stephen fry.

for all who have no idea who he is, a small introduction.

– lovely readers this is Stephen Fry

– Stephen, meet my lovely readers

so now you have been properly introduced, I will tell you a bit (or a bit more then a bit) about the man.

it all began in the year 1957, this was 20 years before I saw the first light of this world and this was the year in witch a boy was born, his parents named him Stephen and because there last name was Fry, he automatically got that name also. when they called him Stephen Fry for the very first time they had no idea that, that name would in the future be spoken out with respect and love by many others all over the world. I will not tell you his whole history because it is quite long and he does it self so much better. for example  in the book: moab is my washpot (the first 20 years of that live are described there) a must read for any fan.

Stephen is a good:

  • writer
  • actor
  • comedian
  • director
  • narrator
  • presenter and quiz-master
  • documentary maker
  • guest of talk shows
  • blogger
  • tweeter
  • all around clever guy

he is very friendly, caring charming, polite and humble. he is also not afraid to show that he is also just human and as every human being has his flaws.  all that put together makes him the great man he is and where many admire him for.

And then there is something else, that is what I call the Fry-effect. inspires many and brings together many wonderful people.  his forum is for a reason a gathering place for kind and caring people. he also makes people think, he makes me think about things I would have never thought of without him telling about it.  he also made difficult subjects like mental health problems discussable and that made a real difference for a lot of people. he did this by telling about his own condition, manic-depression, in a documentary called: The Secret Life of the Manic Depressive. I think that’s a very brave thing to do because there is in many such a wrong idea about mental health problems.

I personally discovered him not so long ago (little over a year or so) I saw a series called house MD and loved it. staring in that series Hugh Laurie who despite his all American accent in the series is in fact as British as the Queen her self. I googled him and saw that had done other things like the bbc series a bit of fry and Laurie. with  his partner in crime and best friend from university Stephen Fry.  I went and looked him up and first found some great interviews that he has giving and then stumbled upon his own Internet site and became a instant addict. then books, films, series soon followed and I was completely and happily lost in the world of Fry that looks so similar but just a bit better then my own little world.


2 responses to “the Fry-effect

  1. Tina/BertaWooster

    That’s so sweet. I particular like the last sentence because it represents my own feelings, too. The Fryworld… what would we do without it?

  2. I am terribly fond of Stephen Fry.
    I saw his documentary on America and, found his personality, linguistic style and wit incredible. I have since started reading Moab and, watching his old shows (bit of Fry and Laurie).

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