language invasion

language does change all the time, it doesn’t matter what language you speak there are always changes that are really noticeable in a couple of years, new words are added,most of the time because man makes something and then one has to give it a name. others are lost because they are not being used in daily life any more. in my own language (Dutch) I notice that it is being strongly influenced by another language: English. I am not against that kind of changes, I know many are against it mostly the older generation because they can’t follow any more and that is understandable.

why English? the reason for that is simple there are quite a few country’s that speak English as first language and these country’s have together Lot’s of people (I will almost say the most people that speak one language but I am not sure that’s true). the English speaking people do business all over the world and have the luxury that they can travel all over the world. so it just seemed easier for the rest of the world to go and speak English then the other way around, the other country’s are willing to do this because they value the business and money that it brings. English is already the mean language in science and international business. now the ordinary language is also going slowly in that direction, most new words now are English or a form from a English word.

I think that in the future we will all speak English (certainly in the Western country’s of this world) but I also think that we keep different dialects in that English, so that identity of country doesn’t disappear.

I want to point out that there is someone that does a better job in telling about language and change in language and that is Stephen Fry, he did this in a blog and from that blog there is a podcast (podgram), that is maybe easier because it’s quite a long read. both blog and podgram are to be found on his website.


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