human relations

when I think about it for a wile then I can come to only one conclusion:

we humans are weird, especially those on parts of this globe that think of them self as civilized.

I’ll explain with a example:

I go to a store to buy a freezer, I first look around a bit and when the salesman comes and ask if he can help me. he can and he does. I get a new freezer. before paying we do need to wait a moment because his college is getting some paperwork ready. then out of nowhere the man says, bad weather isn’t it? I look outside, it’s raining still and I answer yes it is.  the college comes back with papers and I sign and pay, the freezer will be delivered in a few days. if everything is done and I am ready to go the salesman stretches his hand out, I grasp and shake it. the salesman says have a good day and I replay you to. the end.

a couple things are strange here, if you think about it.

1) the small talk about weather. where is that about ? why does one have to say anything wile there waiting. a moment silence isn’t that bad and then the subject the weather. I know what kind of weather it is yes but where does he want to go with that? a whole discussion about weather, we need to wait a minute there is no time.

2) handshakes, in any situation this a weird thing people do. but why? there is really no point. a meaningless and yet don’t try refusing to give a hand. some say that his/hers handshake tells something about the person but does it? it just says if the person can lie. we can all learn how to give a “good” hand but that doesn’t mean we are different or better persons just that we can and will lie to a other that we are the kind of person that gives a “good”hand.

3) have a good day, a sentence that in this context means nothing because the people involved don’t really care if the other has a good day and they know that the other doesn’t care, so why say it?

this are just the things out the little example, there are more

the “how are you?” question amongst perfect strangers.  if people that don’t really care for you ask how are you the only right answer is fine no matter how you are really doing. but if you don’t really want to know how someone is doing why ask in the first place. I don’t. if I ask I am always really interested in the person and the answer can be the truth no matter what that is.

the polite form of you, there is non in English but there is in Dutch: U the form used in more familiar conversation is: je. (in German sie and du) this annoys me because I often Fuck up and say je when you are suppose to say U. it is not a sign of any kind of disrespect to the other person but I just don’t remember to say U, that’s all. some people get upset or angry if you do it wrong and that is never my intention to do. so, to prevent that people feel bad I like to go to the one word situation as it is in English.

so, are people weird? Or am I?


2 responses to “human relations

  1. Depends. I agree with you on the “Have a nice day” front. Because as you said the shop assistant frankly couldn’t care less if I had a terrible day. It’s also interesting that when you think about it they don’t usually say have a nice day unless you buy something.
    The politeness in certain languages is also true. I speak french ish and in french there is two ways of addressing people in certain situations. One formal the other not. Even though they mean the exact same thing, so why bother with the formal one to strangers? They usually won’t care! As you are unlikely to ever see them again. WHY?

  2. Also on the language my French is a little patchy, so if I forget the formal one people sometimes get a bit offended. Which of course isn’t my intention, yet why do they get offended? The informal one shows no lack of respect, if anything it shows more as it tells them I am using that version and therefore regarding them as a friend.

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