I Exist

I exist is the name of a campaign from the National Autistic Society in the UK. with this campaign they want to let people know that autism isn’t something that only affects children and want that adults get the support they need so they can live as independent as possible.

I don’t live in the UK but also in my own county(the Netherlands) I notice that there isn’t much help for autistic adults. especially for the adults with a less severe form of autism.

also is information that is available directed to parents and all other people around the the person with autism but the person where it’s all about is left out.  there are now books and websites for adults with autism that are created by people with autism. information is importuned also for the one that has the autism because having it doesn’t mean that you know what the problem exalt is. knowing something about it can give more peace of mind, it’s one less thing to worry about. (this is only true for the people who can understand that information).

as you may have guessed I have a a condition in the autistic spectrum (pdd-nos). I can live a pretty ‘normal’ live, of course it has it’s downsides and problems but I don’t have it so bad, I am lucky in that sense. I know that a lot of people are far worse off then me.

in a documentary that Stephen fry made about manic-depression he asked everyone one question: if there was a button that you could press and your illness would be no more, would you press it? most people said no. and that would be my answer ass well because despite the difficulty’s it brings it’s a part of me and I wouldn’t know who I am without it.

so the good, bad and weird. it’s all me and I wouln’t want to miss any of it.


3 responses to “I Exist

  1. I’m glad that you are at ‘ease’ with your affliction. You are right, there is not enough attention for the autistic people themselves, though in the more severe cases it would not benefit them at all. But having autism does not mean you need to be shunned.

    I’m glad you embraced it, and see it as a part of yourself, like Mr. Fry does with his bipolar.

  2. Julia from Bristol

    As a former primary headteacher, I am very aware of the need for autism to be talked about openly & sensibly. I suppose it is easier for society to treat children in an area they themselves find threatening. It is a shame that there is not the same attention for adult suffers.
    At least if there is a growing understanding with children, maybe that can be applied to adults. My concern is that it is becoming a label that schools, parents, local authorities are attaching to children rather than really looking at their needs which may be a simple as the wrong teaching approach. It is beginning to replace dyslexia in this.

    • I agree you shouldn’t label children, or anyone for that matter. I think you always have to get to know someone even with a diagnoses because no one is the same and the diagnoses isn’t the whole person.

      get to know people, don’t just read the label.

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