that little thing called love

love, does everyone need it or are we just brainwashed to believe that we need it? it’s everywhere. in films, songs, books. can’t turn your head and the believe that we are suppose to have someone to love is there. I’m not saying that there is a conspiracy or anything, people who are or have been in love truly believe that it is the way to be for everyone and that no one would want to go though life without it.

I do want it but have to realist that it is well possible that I am meant to be alone. that it can be that I am not capable of having a meaningful relationship. it’s just painful, being told by every art form known to man that my live will never be complete without that little thing called love. it’s not that I have never touched the feeling, I have and it was only frighting and confusing. not beautiful or joyful, just maddening and something to run from as fast as I could. I am not made for it, any of it.

is there happyness without love ? I guess, I will find out.


2 responses to “that little thing called love

  1. Tina/BertaWooster

    I may be wrong but I think we can live happily without a relationship (meaning: one with a partner). We experience love in other types, too. Familiy, friends, … we love doing things, we love people we don’t really know, we love pets. It’s not THE BIG, ONE AND ONLY THING to have partner. I, too, had relationships and I, too, have left and have been left alone. Yes, it is sometimes hard to see couples when I’m in a sad mood but all in all I don’t really mind to be alone (I don’t know if that opinion changes or stays that way, I’ll see).

    Don’t think there’s no love if you don’t have a partner. There’s plenty of it waiting for you 🙂 And sometimes those other kinds of love are even sweeter and deeper.

    Sorry if that’s a total nonsense comment^^ but that’s what I think – in short.

  2. I agree with the comment above. You can have meaningful relationships with all manner of people. You can have love when you have a caring family and wonderful friends. You don’t need a romantic partner to have a fulfilling life.

    Though I’m in a relationship at the moment and wouldn’t want to miss my love for all the money in the world, I do believe people should create meaning in their lives on their own and not depend on someone else to do it for them.

    If you’re life does not conform to the media-image, I would say congrats. It’s just that more interesting.

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