I spent a lot of time dreaming, mostly day dreaming.  I did it even more as a kid,you could say that I have dreamed my childhood away but that isn’t a bad way to spent time. I dreamed up a whole life, where in people around me where playing a part. it made my life better and more enjoyable  I think.

as everyone I also have dreams of what I want with my life, what my perfect future will be and that is the dream I like to share with you today:

I will live in a small comfortable home, somewhere where there is a lot of nature but not completely isolated from the rest of the world. in the living room, study and bedroom is a hearth. the living room is warm, there comfortable chairs and a big sofa. if your looking for me, the best change of finding me is in the study. I will be working there, so be quiet. I am now a professional writer. I write novel’s and they are selling quite good, people like them. I work a lot but my family, friends and cat make sure that working isn’t the only thing I do.

yes, I dream of being a writer. writing fiction is something I do all my life. the stories where first just in my head and now I trust them to paper.  there is still a long way to go for me to reach my dream and I know there is a good change I never do get there. I don’t believe that dreams come true only by hard work or really really believing in them. you also need luck and people that support you.  and in my case I also need a bit more courage, I am very sensitive about my writing and terrified to let anyone read it. so I have some bridges to cross till I get to publishing anything.

but if I get there or not I will always keep writing even if it is just for my own pleasure.


2 responses to “dreaming

  1. If you plan on becoming a writer, you need to work on grammar and spelling. These are fundamental to any writer, even bad ones, and should not be abandoned for the sake of ease but rather improved with any opportunity, and your blog is an opportunity as well. If you find it too difficult, or that your blog thoughts aren’t worth the effort, then you may find writing for a living remains nothing but a dream. Not trying to be cruel, just honest. Writing, and actually managing to be published, takes a lot of self-discipline and work every single day.

    Any kind of writing job will mean proving you have, at the very minimum, basic skills in grammar. The good writing jobs means you will have a superior command of and ability to use those skills.

    • in my defence. English isn’t my first language, in Dutch my grammar and spelling is a lot better. and I write these blogs in one go, from head to paper. and yes, I am sloppy with grammar and spelling here because I think it doesn’t matter to much here as long as people understand what I say and I believe they do.

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