the meaning of life ?

I am not taking about the wonderful film from Monty Python but the point of being here. I know the answer to life the universe and every thing it’s 42 but I have no idea why we all bother and still we do.

we all get up, go to work, we all entertain our self’s and other and are not bothered by the fact that it all has no point. so every now and then I am wondering why I keep on going. is the time of happiness long enough ? I don’t think so especially because when I am happy it doesn’t mean I am without a worry, no not at all. then I still got to many thin I can’t see a meaning, a reason, a point to do what I do but that doesn’t stop me from doing it.

sorry, I know I am rambling but I can’t be the only one that has these things on my mind, I am not that to hear what people have to say about this. so leave a comment or follow and @ me on twitter.


3 responses to “the meaning of life ?

  1. “There’s one theory that says, if anyone ever did figure out the meaning of life, the universe would instantly disappear and be replaced by something even more bizarre and incomprehensible. There is another theory that says this has already happened.”

    If there’s a meaning to my life at the moment, then I think it might be the opportunity to be fascinated by things – (that said, I’m not particularly happy at the moment, so maybe I have no clue – I’ll need to revise this answer in ten years time)

    – but for the moment, one thing that makes me glad to be alive is when I understand something for the first time that I hadn’t realised previously,
    reading an article from years ago and ‘getting’ what the authour was on about, or if I’m able to connect facts that no-one else realises are connected yet.

    In real life, I find I’m not so good at relating to other people, so it’s quite possible there are whole other vistas of ‘meaning’ that I’ve never properly experienced, and that my life so far is the equivalent of seeing reflections in a pond or studying autumn leaves as they fall, and that everything I do must seem frivolous to other people, and I’m just an idiot.

    Perhaps though, life is the chance to search for our own meanings?

  2. Tina/BertaWooster

    I think I get the idea, fryfan…I ask myself that question a lot. There is no point in being here, no point why all we people exist. It doesn’t changes anything or effects anything. You can ask yourself why the universe exists, that’s the same thing.
    I get quite angry and weird and feel like I was falling when I think about this topic. I rescue myself with one simple thought: “the most enjoyable things are senseless” … … …

    • I probably shouldn’t think about the meaning of it all to much because when I do, I mostly get or am sad.
      thank you both for your comments. 🙂

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