a bit of joy and laughter

laughter is a important thing in life, it doesn’t only mean we are having fun but it also reduces stress and if we laugh together with others is reinforces a bond between people.

the art of comedy is a wonderful art because it brings people together and  it brings people joy. even when life is unfair and hurtful it is possible that all is forgotten for a hour or two because there is someone that makes you laugh.  there are many masters of comedy that all have there own public, there are of course good and not so good once but it is for a large part also a matter of  taste.

personally I like British comedy a lot, especially the word jokes and more subtle ones where one needs to think about. I also like that comedy has if you think about it for a wile a great truth hidden within.  comedy is often used as a mean to rebel against the powers that be in a save way, for example was the court jester the only one that could make fun of the king without in dangering it’s own life, even then the king knew the importance of a good moral.

the title of this post is a slight variation on a comedy show that I really like a lot because it makes me laugh a lot. I have series 1 and 2 on DVD and also would want the other 2 because they are really good. I am talking about “a bit of fry and Laurie” the double act from Stephen fry and Hugh Laurie was a brilliant one.  they stopped sadly after 4 series but there still good friends and who knows what the future brings us. they are not the only comedy I can laugh about. I also adore Blackadder, keeping up Appearances and Mr bean. I can also laugh with the Americans for example with M.A.S.H (I am to young for the original airings, I have seen lot’s when they repeated them here) and if I am in the mood I like a bit of Friends.

there is also a kind of comedy I really don’t like.  the kind that makes fun of people in disrespectful way, I can not bare to watch it.  I think that comedy should be fun for all party’s involved and if you want to make fun of one other, make sure that the person can take it, and laugh about it later him/herself. that is what often bothers me about stand-up, they make a lot of fun on the expanse on others and I am always wondering if that person is okay with it, maybe just because I wouldn’t be.

this is only comedy on TV, there is of course a lot in books and live comedy out there. I save that for another time.


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