that is how one overcomes fear, one step at the time.  if your really afraid of something a very small step can feel like a giant leap.

I am thinking about making one baby-step into realising my dream (becoming a writer) it will be a small step but also a impotent one for me. I am thinking about setting up another blog and post there my work. I will be still safely hidden in anonymity but still a scary thing. I do want to know if it’s any good, will people like it?

last asked on a party by someone I didn’t know what I was writing (he also writes and friend told him that I did also) and I refused to tell him. really silly of me and I am not sure why I get this way maybe because what I am currently writing gets in some ways very close to home. the story is made up but some of the feelings that are centre to the story have been mine. maybe I am just afraid of how people will react to that and whether they will know about this.

if that blog is going to be there, I will put a link here of course but I am not sure how many of you will be able to read it. the thing is that I write in Dutch, I couldn’t do it in any other language then my own.

I’m getting more determent to relise my dream and am begining to dare to hope that I will get there someday, but that is still many baby-steps away.


2 responses to “baby-steps

  1. I don’t know how it is with your blog, but I suspect most of my readers read mine precisely because they do know me (I followed a automatically generated link at the end of one of my posts to find you). My point is that what you typically don’t get is anonymity and lots of readers, at least regular readers. That makes me doubt it is the right medium for your first steps as a writer. Why not start writing anyway?

    • well, non of my readers I have ever met other then on-line. non of the real-life people even know I am blogging. so I am completely unknown. will not get a lot of readers but that’s fine for a first step.
      still not sure weather I will though, I am probably making this to complicated but that’s just me.

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