we will come togther to fight

give us something to fight against and we will fight as one. we march in the same colour’s and even though we are many we move as one.

people come really together if they have something to fight against. a common enemy creates a close bond between people. the strength of the enemy determines the strength of the bond. people are closer together when they have to fight with danger to there life’s then they are with just a neighbour that plays loud music as enemy.

the question becomes of course: do people need conflict to feel united within a group? if this is true then that pretty much destroys all hope for world peace because people will look conflict then.  it’s also beautiful how people can come together like that, strangers will risk there life for another if they are fighting for the same cause, army man turn into brothers because they ware the same colours. army’s that exist from many different people, move as if they where one mind.

in the second world war there was much pain but also much companionship, the best deeds  are done in the worst situations. we rise above ourself when we are threatened in anyway. boundary’s are being broken and morals rethought, we will reinvent our self to stay alive and to keep another we care about or where we fight with alive.

the best thing that could happen to humanity is a big alien  attack  because if we have a enemy that threatens us all, the entire world will be as one.


One response to “we will come togther to fight

  1. Tina/BertaWooster

    I thought about the alien attack quite a lot…
    I’ve given up hope that the world will live in peace some day. Not without that alien attack.

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