freedom of speaks

it is great that I live in a country where it’s possible to say anything without having to be afraid to be prosecuted or otherwise attacked because I give my opinion. this fundamental right has been called into existence to protect people and create a free country where all opinions can be heard.

that we have that freedom doesn’t mean that we have to say or write everything that comes into out minds, it doesn’t give a licence to shot down your brain and stop being considering to others. but that is how it is used by some. it becomes a shield from having to be responsible for what your saying.

now even politicians are shouting all kind of hurt-full messages to groups and that is accepted  by many because he has the freedom of speaks and that is holly. this is how the whole meaning of the right to speak once mind is being misused and it could lose his original meaning, to protect good people not the people that mean harm.

your free to say anything but you are just as free to stay silent when you don’t have anything nice or constructive  to say.


2 responses to “freedom of speaks

  1. Tina/BertaWooster

    “Don’t talk unless you can improve the silence” …

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