Books and me

since the invention of the Gutenberg press they have been a big hit, and even in this digital age books are still doing well.  I don’t think that will ever change and I certainly hope that it doesn’t because it would be a shame if something so wonderful would ever disappear.

Books are more then a place to store information, they are a experience from beginning to end and it begins with getting a book.

my favourite way is lending one at the library. Library’s are something special to me, if I go to a town I do like to go to the local library just because it’s there and everywhere it’s a little bit different.  when you step into a library there is a world of choice right for the taking, it’s the perfect place to see what you do or don’t like because if you do hate it, just return it and there’s no harm done.

you can also buy books at bookshops, now I don’t do that often but I do like to walk in a bookshops just to look at the books and walk between the shelves filled with books. my favourite are second-hand bookshops because they have more then all others a book-smell in them, I don’t know what it is with me but I love the smell of books. often when no one looks I put my nose between the pages of the book am reading and just sniff up that wonderful unique book smell.

I do buy books on-line but it is not the way I like to do it, I just buy them on-line if there not in the shops or Library.

the perfect way to read a book is alone in a warm room, snugged up on a sofa or in bed with something warm to drink. the first page is turned and the story grabs you intimately and takes you to another world. sometimes a world very similar to our own other times not at all.  you read words but don’t really see them, you see images that tell and act out the story in your head. every page you turn with excitement and anticipation. when the end of the book is there, you close it and hold it for a few minutes more,  left with a feeling of  fulfilment.

the main reason why I like to be alone when I read is because I don’t want to be limited in anyway to experience and show the emotions that the book brings up in me. I like to laugh out loud or cry with big tears rolling over my cheeks, if it’s a good book I get completely carried away with it.


4 responses to “Books and me

  1. Tina/BertaWooster

    Hihi, I like the smelling part 😀

    I’m happy for you that you’re able to resist the bookshops and instead go to the libraries. I love to spend time in bookshops which (most of the times) ends with me buying a book. I’ve got so many books I haven’t read yet 😦
    I’m kind of worried that the trend is going in the direction of rather having a file on your laptop or ebook. My mum works at the German National Library where they collect everything that has been published (well not everything, there are some guidelines…). Anyway, she told me that there are already people who only send PDF files instead of books. They say they won’t pay for the print of 2 books for the GNL only for storing it somewhere (they will be asked to do that anyway but they tried to ignore that^^). That got me worried because that could mean that if it’s cheaper to sell digital files then people won’t invest in books anymore 😦 Hope that won’t be the case and that there will be enough people who enjoy the actual book-reading-session…the one that smells so nice 😉

    • I am not against E-books but I will always prefer the real thing. the idea of reading a book from screen, no not for me.
      I think it’s a shame that people sent PDF files to the collection because you never know how long the computers will be able to show that file, these things change all the time. 😦

  2. Tina/BertaWooster

    concerning PDF files:
    that’s why there will be people who always change the files into other formats (when necessary) so they’re still readable……

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