to the Opera

Saturday the 3 of October 2009 I will be at the Opera. it’s will be my first to visit and am already exited to go. the Opera that I will be seeing is Das Rheingold compost by Richard Wagner, it is the first of four together called Der Ring des Nibelungen. the other parts will be preformed later and the complete cycles will be played in the Wagner Year 2013. (and I will do my level best to go to every single one)  it will be preformed by a group called het  Nationale Reisopera in Engschede, the Netherlands.

I will be going with my mother to the first one for sure (already got the tickets) my friend wouldn’t like it and even mum isn’t sure she will like it but she is going for me.  I like it, have seen several on DVD and heard quite some music from them and I enjoy it. the music, the story’s, the best of both worlds.

this is as I said before a Wagner Opera, there are many that find it wrong to go to or even to enjoy a piece of Richard Wagner. the reason: Hitler liked him. well, Hitler also liked other art’s a lot, are we going to ban everything he liked? then I really hope that he didn’t like ice cream or dogs. it is a bit absurd to dislike something just because another person, how bad he might be, liked it. a couple of these people will know that the man was against Jews and I don’t disagree with that and I certainly don’t approve of that view in any way.but does that mean that he was less brilliant at his work or that the pieces of music are less enjoyable? not for me, there are many composers and musicians that are brilliant and are terrible as people. even though the person is responsible for the music, I  listen and judge only the quality of music and then decide whether I like it or not.

the person that made me listen to Wagner and other classical music is no one less then Stephen Fry. I was of the foolish opinion that classical stood equal to boring(as many children do, I think) and never gave it a fair chance. then a friend of mine that knew I like Stephen a book called Stephen Fry’s incomplete and utter  history of classical music what is strangely enough not written by Stephen him self but you do recognise him in it, the jokes are really Fry. that got me interested and curious enough so went on-line to listen to some and discovered that I did like it, after that I was off to the library that also has CD’s and picked out some. I really enjoyed it and am now a real fan. Stephen was also on a program called guilty (I saw on youtube) there he talked about Wagner and how much he loves his work,  I  had to give it a chance and found out that I also love it. I don’t like it just because he does  but he did showed me the way to it.  here for I really like to thank him, so if your reading this: thank you very much Stephen.

I am also secretly hoping against all odds that I am not going with my mother but with Stephen Fry him self. (mum will understand) I have asked him with a tweet to come with me and he answered, yes he answered that he was tempted. who knows? he might come


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