the night of the wasp

it was yesterday night, I had just closed my laptop and opened my book when I suddenly heard a sound, a low buzzing noise bzzzzz…..

it didn’t took my long to identify the noise as coming from a wasp, a big wasp.startled by the unexpected guest I got out of bed and followed the animal with my eyes. it flew round my night lamp a couple times and then flew to the ceiling, there it crawled inside a crack between the ceiling and the wall.

I heard it still buzz but I couldn’t see it, and it seem to come from everywhere in the ceiling. first I stood in the middle of my room looking frighteningly at the ceiling. then I couldn’t stay any more and got out of my room and went downstairs. there all was save, you think….

but I was really frightened and everything seemed threatening, I stood still in my kitchen unable to move for at least 10 minutes.I thought I saw things move in the corners of my eyes. my heart was pounding like it knew no tomorrow, got trouble breathing. I know the sighs of panic and I had them. I somehow got myself together and walk back to my room, but as soon as I got through the door I heart it again bzzzzzzzzzzz. I bravely walked to my bed and took of my pillow and blanket as if they where hostages from a dangerous enemy and got out of there again. I slept on the sofa downstairs last night.

today I got my mum to take a look but she didn’t hear or see anything and concled that it’s gone. I am now in my room, typing this post and still a bit scared..


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