work and stuff

work, like most people on this planet I have to work to make a living and I think that’s a good thing. it hasn’t always been self-evident that I would work like everyone else.

I’ve had many struggles with my autism and especially with my (irrational) fears. I have as I have said before been on special schools because I couldn’t function in the “normal” once and in my last year my parents and me got the advise from the teacher to go to another special school to finish. I liked the idea, it was a save plan and I like safety over everything but my lovely parents weren’t agreeing with this because the step after that to the normal school would have been to big and there where no other special schools for me on the level where on they believed I could learn. so they made the choice to let me go into a normal school with still a bit of counselling from the old one, and that went pretty well. I had some problems and a big one was caused by the fact that the school work was to easy for me. the problem with me is that I make test pretty poorly, I have almost no spatial aptitude and I suck at calculating stuff just out of my head. I was lucky to be taking on the level that I did, and that was because my parents wouldn’t take no for a answer (I really owe a lot to these people). from there I could go to the school where they taught me and others the how to of laboratory worker. also that didn’t go without trouble and I wanted to give up several times during my first year because it was all to difficult. but I was not allowed to quit and I am glad for it now. after that I wanted to dare one step more, higher education but that was one bridge to far and I stranded in the fifth week.

now I didn’t go to school anymore I had to work and that scared me to death, responsibility, job interviews, all new stuff. I couldn’t possibly do that, could I ?Ā  the answer came soon, after I had sent off my resume to a site or 2 and I got my first mail: if I would like that job? I looked at it and it looked really interesting so I mailed the person back that I was interested and sent my letter and resume to him. then a call came, some temp agency had a job for me, and if I liked I could go for a interview. I didn’t know how long the other company would take so I agreed to the interview.

I was very nervous for it and didn’t really believe I could do it. so I was surprised when they hired me and I could start intimately. that was a confidence boost šŸ™‚

I had worked there for 3 months when I got the massage that the other company would like to have a interview with me. because I was working though a temp agency I didn’t know how long I could stay there, so I said again yes.

again I was very nervous and these people where less easy to convince. I was after a week called back for a second talk. after that one I really didn’t believe I made it because the interview sucked in my opinion. but I got again hired and now I’m working there for almost 3 months and hopefully for quite a wile longer.

work has his own challenges and difficulty’s, I for one haven’t told anything about my autism or any of the problems that can give. it’s a very informal small company and most of the times that’s nice but sometimes it can also confuse for instance if the boss suddenly decides to be bossy again. and I am a very privet person and the others don’t always like that. but until now it goes pretty well. in august they will decide whether to keep me on or not and I think they will because they have taught me a lot and they really need the manpower.

so, I am very happy to be able and allowed to work and stand in that way on my own two feet šŸ™‚


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