leaving home

when a child grows up it will eventually spread out it’s wings and fly from the elderly nest, in search for it’s own future and in pursuit of it’s own dreams.

I think I’m ready to take this step now but I am still unsure, a bit scared to be honest. but the longer I think of it the certainer I get.I want my freedom and my parents let me do whatever I want but I feel that I should now hold them in account with everything I do and with some things that is true and rightfully so. I’m spending more and more time on my own in my room and do feel guilty that I don’t be with them more even though I live with them under one roof.

I had a conversation with my mother about this not so long ago and she thinks I am not ready yet what make the choice to go even harder because I can help wondering if she is right.I am doing good at the moment but will it last?

and if I will go, how will I tell them without hurting them? I don’t want to make them feel unwanted or anything like that.

Lot’s to think about but I am seriously considering and that means something for me.


2 responses to “leaving home

  1. I know how you feel a little.. When you move out you take on a great deal, you trade off one sense of freedom for another in a way, as you have things like bills to tie you down, but its definitely worth it as you feel a lot more in control I’ve found.
    If you do decide to move out you could try involving your family as much as possible, helping you find a place etc, so then can see you aren’t trying to shut them out… Just a thought…
    I wish you luck whatever you decide, but for me moving out was the best thing I ever did, and I still vidit my parents all the time (they have good net access, but shhhhhh 😉 )

    • I just had a talk to my parents about this and they seem to be really okay with it.
      now I just have to think about if I really can go.

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