good night and sweet dreams, I wish

sleeping is these days a bit off a drama for me. sometimes I don’t get to sleep and other times I wake up every 2 hours, witch isn’t very nice.

and if I do sleep, I dream and the dreams are not really sweet. I can just remember bit’s and pieces of them but I wake either frighted, sad or just confused. once I woke after having a panic attack in my dream and awake I continued where I leaved off. I really don’t know why I sleep so badly, I mean the rest of my life doesn’t give any reason for it. the only thing that I can think of is that I am a bit stressed about work but I don’t think it is so bad.

the real downside of these dreams and bad nights is that I get tired and reluctant to sleep, although I do make myself go to sleep. if I am tired, I know of myself that I can take a lot less from the world and if I am really tired everything will be too much to handle and can even make me feel depressed.

this is now going on for a couple of months, one time it goes better then the moment it all isn’t so bad, I do sleep quite some time, I just woke once last night, had dreams that (what I can remember) looked like a quite dramatic soap opera and fall asleep in not really a long time. I had worse, once I stayed up almost all night on a working day, that day was a really bad one as I almost fell asleep on the job.

I could use some suggestions to get rid of bad dreams and short nights, so if you have any please tell.


4 responses to “good night and sweet dreams, I wish

  1. i have a few ideas…they don’t all always work, and don’t work for everyone…but worth a try.

    sometimes i sleep really well with the lights ON. i might wake up through the night some, but if i’ve been having lots of nightmares, for some reason that helps. it happened once accidentally& now i try it when i need to.

    excersise helps a lot of people. but lately for me, weightlifting has really knocked me into deep sleeps! i can’t afford a gym or anything fancy, i just bought a couple dumbbells and started using them.

    swimming makes me sleepy too, but i need a new swimsuit…and…uh…it’s not really all that convenient a solution, lol!

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  3. Hmm I used to have constant nightmares and crazy dreams and almost waking hallucinations as a child. Looking back I kind of miss them, but thats just because I am odd 😉 I still have nightmares now, in content at least, but rarely do they have the same effect on me as they did, and as you describe in your blog.

    One possibility is Lucid dreaming, where you attempt to control your dreams. I used this as a child, and though I could not always acheive it, it often allowed me at least to have a way of waking myself up in the middle of a nightmare. People suggest different ways of doing this, the most common of which is to constantly check your environment to see if you are dreaming, and then you may be able to “notice” when you are truly dreaming. Of course you can never be totally conscious in a dream, otherwise you’d be awake, but lucid dreaming can often allow “direction” of dreams. However, if you have a tendancy for paranoid thoughts, it can create the worst sort of nightmare you can imagine (every “I hope this doesn’t happen” happens) but usually a positive lucid dream erases this as when you realise you’re gaining control you get a reminder of the sense of elation. A sort of mini-yey.
    Also lucid dreaming can mess up your sleeping pattern even more, you’re basically trying to shut off your subconcious mind, or at least fight it off a little with your conscious self, so its not always advisable, but can help loads (it did for me) I’m only suggesting it as an alternative to the general recommendation, which is a healthy diet, plenty of exercise and so on. If the nightmares persist, it may be because your mind is trying to tell you something, so possibly seeing a psichiatrist and discussing these dreams, or even self-reflection, may help change your life in a positive way, and so remove the mind’s feeling of need for them.

    • the idea of lucid dreaming is interesting, I’ve had some lucid dreams in the past and they are great fun. (somehow I always end up flying, strange because I am afraid of heights in real life).the checking if I am dreaming thing I do lately but that’s because I feel like I’m dreaming when I’m not. (that’s a whole other thing, I think I will discuss another time)
      discussing my dreams with a doc is fairly impossible because I just don’t remember a lot from them. (and docs scare me)
      I’m sleeping better now, then I did when I wrote this. I’m still not always able to sleep well and do wake up with a shock but not as often as I did. so, I’m on my way

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