writing and me

I don’t pretend to know how to write anything good but I can tell you how it works with me and maybe it will be helpful.

no matter what I write, I always pretty much know what it’s going to be or have a line in my head where I start with, doesn’t need to be the beginning but something. if I try to write with nothing to start with it will be a wast of time because I will not write a word.

so, it starts with a idea but where does one get a idea from then?

it comes from the most normal things in life, parts of conversations from people I come across on the train or at a diner always do well. sometimes it is a sentence heard or someone that looks interesting and you get to fantasise about there life. the people that I meet have nothing to fear because if they are a inspiration to me, even they wouldn’t recognise them once I am done with them.

when I have a idea then I pick up a pencil and paper and simply start writing, it doesn’t need to be the beginning of the story or even be any good. I just write the idea that is in my head on paper and from there it will grow.

I am not sure what happens from there, I can only describe it as that the idea gets a mind of his own. the words come from me but not from me, when I am on a roll it is as if I pick them out of the sky. persona’s getting life and with that they get a certain amount of free will, I don’t always have a say in what they do or think. of course I know that they are all me in a way but that doesn’t mean I am necessarily there boss. I do live with them as I would do with a very good friend.

writing has of course his limitations, the first one is language itself but that isn’t the biggest limitations. that is that the one who is writing is always human. we can write about anything but we stay human, so no matter who or what the characters are they will always have human quality’s simply because that’s all we know. you can also put limitations on what you write, mostly I put the limit of reality on the story’s I write. but even if you write fantasy it is good to have a set of rules where the people in the story are bound by and it is important that you don’t break your own rules, so the world you create is one that people can believe in.

the last but most important think I want to say about this is that I love writing. I have a lot of fun doing it and even if I will not be able to make a living out of it or that anybody reads it. I had fun and that is something that can’t be taking away. if I ever stop having fun at writing, I will stop because I don’t believe that it could be any good if I don’t enjoy doing it.

the real success of a book will be if the person that reads it has as much fun as I do writing it.


3 responses to “writing and me

  1. Tina/BertaWooster

    I really would like to read some of your stories. But I guess you’re writing them in Dutch, am I right?

    Have you ever lost yourself in a character?

    • yes I do write in Dutch, I really couldn’t in english. sorry
      and I haven’t been completely lost but probably because I am really aware of the fact that it can happen so I’m careful.

  2. I agree with a lot of what you say. Its interesting what you think about the characters you create, and how you can almost feel like they have their own choices. Perhaps it is because of our personal relationships with books, when you read a book it starts to stop being your thoughts and can almost become a seperate narrator in your mind, an entity seemingly all of its own. (and often when you put the book down the narrator continues for a little while, as you go about your life, then getting bored and wandering off, allowing your normal “mental voice” to reappear)
    But yes, flipping this over, perhaps the writer also goes through a similar process, creating a narrator in their own mind, which then decides what is going on, whilst the main part of the writer’s consciousness takes a seat.

    An amusing absurd thought: Perhaps we don’t write at all from our own self, perhaps inspiration is inserted into us, and passed via various means from one mind to another, for them to put their own shell around it, and then use it in their own way. Ok I’m going off on one again now so I’ll shut up. But this blog made me think a lot, so thank you for writing 😉

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