panic time

okay, I am starting to panic now. all doubts are in my mind and won’t leave. can I do this ? can I really take care of myself? can I be alone? what if I can’t? what if I fail ? of course I can’t do this, what was I thinking? I can’t leave but can’t stay either. I have to leave and not only because I have start paying rent already but I will just get more frustrated with my parents if I stay here. there sweet and good people really. but they just don’t get me and that is frustrating for all of us. I’m just afraid, very afraid..


One response to “panic time

  1. I know it’s easy to write and think all this for me, but I’m still going to write it.

    It’s ok to be anxious, but you need not worry. You’ve come so far, you’re really able to handle it. Your parents will still be there for you, and I’m sure they’ll be willing to help you out no matter what. You’re moving out, but not to the other side of the world, so when something happens, when you feel bad or sad, your family will be able to come to you.

    It will be easier to deal with them if you’re apart, suddenly you will be seeing all the good things about your relationship with your parents.

    It’s ok to worry about it, but I think you’ll be fine!

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