lost in translation..

I was in the library lately and saw a book with poems written by Emily Dickinson and when I looked into it I saw that the poems where in English and Dutch what made me think can one translate a poem from one to another language from one to another-no matter what  the one or other language is-without losing everything that makes it beautiful?

I don’t know much about poetry but what I do understand about it is that the meaning of the words are no more important then they way those words sound and the rhythm that the words make together, in translation you can understand the words but all other seems to be lost.  one could wonder whether it is desirable to translate poems, or maybe it’s better to accept that this form of art can only be fully appreciated in the original language ?


One response to “lost in translation..

  1. If the poems are translated by another poet, they will take into account rhythm and form and figures of speech. They will give a more accurate translation of the poem, instead of a mere literal translation of words.

    But still, each poem is something different.

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