save the world, and everything in it !

all the scientist seem to be agreeing that if things don’t changes this world won’t live as long as we all like to.  humans thought that the world was there’s and that her resources endless, we where wrong.

in order to save the planet, there is a change of attitude  necessary to how we treat the world around us. it is hard to change the way that people have been thinking for decades, I suggest we start with our children. not only because they are our future but they are the best to learn new things and have no bad habits that they have to quit.

not only do we have to stop draining the natural resources of this world, we also have to make a effort to keep the animals that life in it but are dying because of human activity’s. we have to make a choice of what kind of world we want to live in. one that has only people on it and is dying or one that has a long future filled with all kinds of life.

I invite you all to watch Last chance to see on sunday 20:00 (uk time) on BBC2 or visit in this series let Stephen fry and mark Carwardine see how bautiful our planet is but also what will be no more soon if we don’t do anything.

I’m also trying to start a project on the official forum of the more people get involved the better.


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