when it all gets to much…

first I want to start up with a appolegy for my long silence, I guess I just didn’t have anything to say for quite a wile.

well where I want to talk about now is something that has been going on forever for me.  its what happens when things-good or bad- just get to much for me. I can best describe it as noise in my head, thoughts and feelings don’t make sense anymore because its all so much and then I just want to get away but can’t because how does one get away from your own head?

when I was younger I use to cry when it got to much and to confusing, so it was and is good possible that I started crying in the middle of a party  or something else fun. it was just that I didn’t know what to do anymore and the crying was just relieving some of the pressure.

at parties and events where much people are or a lot is going on I have learned to take a break before it gets to much so that I don’t spoil the event for others and myself. but not always I can get out and then my head fills until I just want to scream because its just all noise in my head.



One response to “when it all gets to much…

  1. I have seen this in my aspie friend, since she explained to me everytime I go out for a fag at a large gathering of people I take her with me she has some chocolate am I have a cigarette, and we talk, she hates when kids scream and was getting angry and I just explained to her that it’s ok because everyone was getting annoyed by that child. I think I’m quite good at understanding autsim, I was thinking of volenteering at the Grampian Autistic society,
    if you ever feel the noise is too much then I will be around to take you out for metaphorical
    chocolate. Xxx love susan

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