human nature and misery

people in general don’t like unhappy people, they don’t like to see that there are bad things in this world. At first it is okay, they are happy to support you and cheer you up or even throw a bit of money to it. but if it takes to long they just get bored with it, tired of it. they really want to say, chin up and cheer up and some even do say that.  because its no fun having someone uncheerful in your presents. it isn’t very helpful to hear that when your just not happy because that is the thing you want the most and can’t get to.after the cheer up stage there is only silence, they simply ignore the bad stuff, put up there pink sunglasses and really really want to believe that all is just fine and there lies the danger.

you can imagine that if you are depressed and feel bad all the time and people simply ignore that because it makes there life easier and more pleasurable and who could blame them ? life is better without the disturbance of sad people interfering with it. but it does make life very lonely, make one feel very misunderstood and there for even sadder, this  can lead to death in the worse case.

now I am not saying that people are bad for doing this, I myself am also every now and then guilty of just having had enough of other peoples problems and sadness, mostly because I have enough of that one my own. we are just human.

also is important that this is how I see it and there is a good possibility that I am as often I do am completely and utterly WRONG. don’t be afread to say so if that is the case.




6 responses to “human nature and misery

  1. You are so right!
    I have one so-called “friend”, who likes to visit me only for the fun. If I’m in the bad mood, she just says: “Ok, see you next time” and goes away. But if she has a problems, I must listen her, to give advices and cheer her up. After last visit I decided that I’m not a clown in the circus and don’t want to do it any more. Maybe I’m bad person, who knows…
    But for real and unreal good friends I won’t put pink sunglasses on and won’t show them my back and they won’t do it too, I believe.


    • I try to always be kind and considering of others and how they feel but I do fail at that because either I just have to much on my own mind or I honestly don’t notice it. if you don’t tell me that you feel badly there is a very good change that I will not see it.

  2. Everybody has their own trouble, and for them it is the worst in the world. And it’s true, from their point of view.

    When I feel sad, it is always double, because I feel as if life is unfair to me, but I know I lead a great life with occasional downs and many many people have it far worse than me. I get mad at myself for that.

    The thing is, it is okay to be upset. When someone I care for is upset, I let them be sad. I tell them it’s okay, even if they are sad over little things. After a while I will try to cheer them up, but I will never say they HAVE to be happy.

    • I forgot to say this: I feel that everybody has as much a right to be sad, angry as they have to be happy. Happiness is not a duty, people!

  3. Once again you speak the truth (and for others with your words)

    I don’t know about others, but I’m just tossing in this thought…
    For me, I don’t avoid ‘sad’ topics/writings because I don’t care…for some I think it’s just the opposite. I am the type I want to rescue and solve all the world’s problems. I know what it’s like to hurt and I really don’t want others to. I know I can’t and if I happen to be in a ’bout’, then this truth can be overwhelming, and scary. If it gets to me too much, then it can promote unhealthy thoughts/feelings in me. Why bother? What’s the point? I’m a mom…my kids need me. I can’t afford for this illness to kill me.

    Please note anyone reading this I said ‘illness’. I am not blaming the words of others for my mind’s ‘inability’ to cope/process right.
    Keep writing dear! ❤

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