follow me, follow you

yes, we are talking twitter of course. as you probably know I twitter, a lot. tweet count stands on this moment on 19259.

its not that I have all that much interestingness  to tell to people its about being connected and staying connected to the world, espechially now I life alone  and get lonely from time to time. its nice that there is always someone out there.

there are downsides to twitter and those almost made me leave it all a couple times now.  one downside is also the greatest up for me, its save. I am nice and save behind a computer or on a phone typing a small text and sending it in to the wide world. the safeness combined with the speed in witch a tweet is typed makes it a perfect for purely emotional shouts, that seem silly and sometimes even wrong when you start to think about it. thinking is just the thing that is often skipped with me when I am tweeting. there are more then one thing wrong with this (in my case that is):

1) I often worry tweople or upset with not so happy (understatement) sounding shouts

2) I can upset people unknowingly by say something in anger (done that)

3) the leased important one, I can make a fool of myself big time (also done that, several times)

and that is just the normal tweeting. then you have replying to peoples tweets. I am not the only one that tweets in pure emotion and overreacting to that can also hurt others. last time I almost walked out (also the time I had really almost deleted my account, maybe if I had been on my computer I would have) I hurt someone badly by overreacting to a tweet that I wasn’t even suppose to have seen because it was meant as a DM to someone else. (no more details about this do to privacy) the only reason why I am still tweeting now is because that ended al right but I am well aware that I might not be so lucky next time and that is scary.

also the shortness of tweets leaves a lot of room for (miss)interpretation, especially when you take everything very literally like I do, sarcasm is almost always lost on me in tweets, it just doesn’t cross my mind that people can mean something else until its to late, this is sometimes annoying.

the lovely thing  about twitter, that its filled with people also brings complications with, where people are there are social rules and me not always understanding them. there are rules, unwritten rules but what are they? is defollowing someone taking is a act of hostility or do people don’t care? when no one answers your tweets, do you have any right of feeling ignored ? maybe I am over-thinking this and maybe there really are no do’s and donts.

that is quite a list of reasons to leave that little thing called twitter but I still tweet, a lot. now my tweet count is 19273, I’ve been tweeting wile writing all this. most the people that I follow are not just a group of random people, it are caring, lovely people. we share a adoration for one man, Stephen Fry who I also follow with love.  I need people who are there 24/7, I can’t be alone at the moment. they don’t need to fix anything or do anything, just being there and they are there always, not all at once but they take turns. I am addicted to love and attention.

this special group of people named itself the Fluffettes, and I just want to take a moment to thank them for every time that they where there for me, in sad and scary times they took time to tell me they they cared and give me lots and lots of *hugs*  really really thank you all.  now there is something I like to know, I have been given a DM from mister fluffy himself on the 24th of June the message was simply a *hug*. I love to know if there has been someone that pointed him to me that day, I like to thank this person for this



3 responses to “follow me, follow you

  1. And thank you sweetie for always being there for us. Your support, hugs, kind words and just being there when i needed someone has been a tremendous help and comfort to me the last few months. *fluffyglomphug* xxxx

  2. I am so relieved you decided to remain on Twitter! Yes, there are millions out there in Twitter world to be met (and may never be), but then there are those who know you that DO care and are with you through good tweets and bad…

    “Praise be the tweet!” ❤

  3. I know I’m not online all the time or that I even lurk and don’t tweet much. But it’s always to see a fellow fluffette on Twitter!

    And if there are real social rules on Twitter I am not really aware of them either. Though I don’t think unfollowing people you don’t have much contact or who never tweeted to you or who don’t have updates for your interest is a personal offense.

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