the Fluffettes

I get often asked at twitter what is a fluffette and how can I become one?

the basic official answer is: a fluffette is a member of the forum that also follows stephen fry at twitter.

but that isn’t all in my opinion, to tell you the true meaning of a Fluffette I need to go back a bit in time to  more the a year ago. Stephen fry was twittering away but before he started twittering his loyal fans where already together in the Stephen fry forum, were we discuss his work, loveliness but also play games and share our own troubles in life. we support one other in every way we can.  when Stephens number of followers on twitter really became big a couple  forum members decided that we needed a name so that Stephen could recognise us between all those people. so we took sugestions and a vote on the forum and that was the name we came up with the Fluffettes

we are loyal fans, we that where there before and will be there if and when this twitter thing has died out. for me a Fluffette is a person that has kindness on the first place, a person that always is willing to help you when you need it the most. a Fluffette isn’t only a fan of Stephen fry but also follows his example by being kind, tolerant and open-minded.  I am proud to call myself one but even prouder to be called a Fluffette.


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