first I want to make clear that I am on no way a professional in pretty much anything, what I say is just what I think about it.

pain isn’t 1 thing, its like a twin genetic identical but still not the same. you have physical pain (physo) who is direct, specific and often helpful and then you have emotional pain (emo) who is nagging, diverse and needs a bit more attention but it can be helpful in his own way. now imagine that emo is retarded, it can’t say where it hurts, how it exactly feels, is often overreacting. so your often in pain over nothing and if it is something its hard to tell what.

physo is the lucky kind of brother because he isn’t just smarter but he is also better liked by most because he is annoying but knows what he does and goes away as soon as the cause is fixed.  I told you before that emo is divers and by that I mean that he manifest not only as what he is a kind of pain but also as random anxiety or anger by example. its clear that its very hard to live with a retarded emo  but you can’t get just rid of him he is part of you. so what do you do?

well there is a way to let psyso push him away for a wile, I am talking about hurting yourself physical to stop emotional pain.  its not about liking pain its about avoiding his retarded little brother who is just worse and doesn’t know when to quit. and it is often when both brothers are screaming they somehow cancel each other out, there is no pain in that moment, a moment of rest. often the first moment in a long long time.  I am advising to selfharm no way or to romanise it but I am trying to explain it. people that self harm are not crazy, just in a lot of pain.

so what to do if you suspect or know that someone is harming one self? the first reaction is often anger especially if its someone that you care a lot about. it is like parents when there kid has been missing for a little wile and found the stress and worry releases in anger: never do that again! and then comes the I love you *hug*.  I think a first reaction is just that and can’t be defined as wrong or right, its not that simple. of course getting angry with someone that is already in emotional pain isn’t very helpful. I mean it doesn’t take a genius to know that such a reaction can make someone feel worse and then the need to escape from emo gets stronger.

the solution lies in getting some help to get rid of emo in a bit more friendlier way, a doctor can help with this but don’t be suprised if the person doesn’t want to go to one, there is a stigma and asking for help is never easy. also if emo is really retarded, it can be that the person believes that he/she is beyond help because who can help if its not even clear what is wrong ?

I hope that I am making any sense with  metaphors that remind even me of Dr House. again this is just thoughts on the subject from little me.


One response to “pain

  1. I really like your metaphor of the two brothers! You’ve set out a complex situation in a really approachable and understandable way :). I always enjoy reading your blogs and I liked reading these thoughts because I think they’re very true and I like the way you explain it.
    Debs xxx

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