the deleted wikipage

I made a wikipage on the subject of the Fluffettes but it has been deleted in a hurry. so now I post the text here.

The definition of a Fluffette is a person that is a (active)member of the official Stephen Fry forum and is following him on twitter. they are a group of loyal fans of Stephen Fry the name Fluffette became more known when Stephen Fry tweeted that he was happy with the Christmas present they made and sent to him.


on the 9th of October 2008,Stephen fry linked his twitter updates to his official website[1]the active members of the form fast noticed, joined the micro-blogging site and followed Mr Fry. stephen Fry’s number of followers and people he followed was rising fast and the members of the forum decided it was a good idea to have a name to be noticed by there hero in the crowed. so there was a short period of brainstorming on twitter and on October the 12th there was opened a topic on the Forum ‘The Twitter crew: what to be called ?’ with a option to vote for a Name out of the suggestions made on the brainstorm on Twitter. the voting closed on October the 14th and the winner was ‘The Fluffettes’.

from forum member to fluffette

when Stephen fry Joined twitter a couple things changed for his fans, the most important change was the option to have direct contact with Stephen Fry though tweets and Direct Messages, the difference from the forum was that this contact could be a 2 way street as he also at times answered there tweets. the form members also use twitter as a more direct way to talk to one other (as if it is a chatprogram) this created a even stronger connection with one other as the fluffettes.

now there is a way to get Mr. Fry’s direct attention, the idea to do something for him wasn’t a strange one. so there have been projects set up for special occasions as his Birthday,and Christmas. these are artworks made by the group and sent either digitally through twitter or physical to his agents office (Stephen fry’s own address is unknown for privacy and safety reasons) where he could pick it up. on this projects he has responded to individuals though direct messages and on the forum. on the latest Christmas project he also responded in a public tweet mentioning the Fluffettes and showing photo’s from the piece of art.


when the forum members went to twitter, they brought with them a couple words that they used there and are not very known to other people.

glomp or glomping: a glomp can only be described as something between a tackle and a hug, one pushes the person being glomped on the ground wile hugging them. this is a expression of extreme kindness and is probably more acceptable online then it is in the real world.

squee : a expressing of Joy or a reaction on something very cute. the word can be written with more e’s on the end, the rule is the more e’s the greater the excitement. the word squee is better known then glomp


3 responses to “the deleted wikipage

  1. Never had any affairs with Wiki and have no idea why they deleted your page! You did a great work and it must be there!
    I think that’s unfair! xxx

    • I once tried to post about fluffettes on wiki and was deleted also, and urban dictionary denied my def of this too, I can only surmize that’s it must also have another meaning?

  2. This explains a lot.

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