Autism and vaccinations and cures

2 days ago I was shock to read a tweet from actor Jim Carrey that said there was Very important news and linked to a website with a article that stated that Autism was caused by Vaccinations. I know that sientist have never proofed that there is such a connection between the two.

I have done some looking around as where these ideas came from and found that in 1998 there was a British report that said that there was a noticeable connection  between the rise in diagnosed children with autism and vaccination. there where studies all over the world into this matter but every single one concluded that there was no relationship between the two.  even in Japan they stopped the life saving vaccinations but the number of children diagnosed with autism kept raising. most of the people who wrote the first article retracted there opinion and even said it never should have been published in the first place.

even with science telling that there is no connection there are some who keep believing otherwise, there are also parents who believe this and in this there lies the danger. because dangerous diseases are given a change when parents don’t vaccinate there children, these diseases are deadly (that why there are vaccinations for them) or leave them disabled for the rest of there life. they become the victims of parents who are not unloving but just unknowing.

there are also “treatments” who say they can completely cure autism with homoeopathic drugs  that would erase the imprints of vaccinations  and other “causes”. this is in my opinion a load of crap, or even better put a scam on people who are desperate for a cure. even I couldn’t resist thinking for a sec or two what if ? but then I started thinking again.  these so called medicine is made by extremely diluting a herb or other substance – that in there pure form would give similar symptoms as the  disease the person suffers from – the dilution is so extreme that there isn’t a molecule from the original substances to be found in the end product. the most common dilution is the one that is diluted 60X this means: on average, this would require giving two billion doses per second to six billion people for 4 billion years to deliver a single molecule of the original material to any patient. the theory behind this is that the property that makes it work is transferred to the solvent. to me that sounds utterly insane. I wouldn’t mind it much if it didn’t harm anyone but it does  because there are people who don’t see a doctor about illnesses and there is the financial side because you can trust that these so called cures don’t come cheap.


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