world Autism Awareness day

on Friday the second of April it is world autism awareness day. I want to tell why it is important that there is such a day and why it is important to me.

I have always said that my condition isn’t all that I am and I stick with that but mostly in the last year I have found that it does make up for a larger part then I ever thought who I am.  It has a big influence on how I think, feel and react and isn’t that what makes me who I am ?  I have also pretty much accepted my autism for what it is, although it is still frustrating at times (that will stay me thinks).  all with all I got it pretty good, I life on my own, I work, got a great family and some fantastic friends but even with all these good things life is a struggle for me. a struggle against fears, a struggle to do everything right at work , and a struggle to do the all basic housework.

I mentioned that I work, at work they don’t know about my autism because I don’t dare to tell them. I am pretty sure I wouldn’t be hired if I did mentioned it in the  job interview, they just see trouble when they hear that word.

growing up, most people who I met thought I was slow/stupid or worse. almost non seem to believe that I was a child with normal intelligence (what I was) even my paediatrician (who should have known better) thought I wasn’t all that bright.  they thought like that because I couldn’t express myself the way others did and in some ways I still can’t.  I know people still think I am slow/stupid I can tell by the way they speak to me. specially when they know what I have they speak to me as if I am a child, and not a very smart one.

people with autism can be of great meaning to society, we just need to get the chance and a small step in our direction is a great help. you can take that step by learning more about the condition by visiting one of many websites or just by asking me, I don’t have all the answers but do know something.

you can contact me here by posting a comment, tweet me @fryfan20 or email me: I will answer as soon as I can.


5 responses to “world Autism Awareness day

  1. There does seem to still be a huge stigma attached to autism, though i don’t know why, or with mental illness. it’s just part and parcel of life, people will meet other people affected by these things and not even realise, yet when they are told recoil as if they could catch it. this kind of ignorance in this day and age disgusts me. Well done for speaking out!
    Sal. x

  2. I think Sally said it all.
    I’ve seen the struggle and the beauty of autism, I believe every living human should have equal rights, regardless of label. Xx
    p.s I bloody love this post.

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  4. I follow you for a while on twitter…
    …I just wanted to say I think you doing it *great* – really.
    Life is a struggle, there are ups and downs for everyone and it’s just difficult if you aren’t autistic. But when there are additionally fears, frustrations, exaggerated expectations from others, a system which wants you to be fast and efficient without recognizing you for what you are…, and you *keep on fighting* your struggle – that’s admirable! Not everyone has the courage to face life for what it is – as you do!
    And as Sal said: Well done for speaking out!
    all my bestest wishes for you & some *hugs* 😀

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