god is…a word ?

John 1:1 says: In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.

what do we know about words ? well one thing is that someone has to think or speak them to existed. so there was something or better said someone before god, this would support the believe that god is just a idea, a word. a powerful word but a word non the less. this passage also suggest that before language there couldn’t be  a god but we know that there were creaters before man and certainly before language, we know this though reasurch on the matter of history, mostly by bones being found that are older then the olders man. if there was life before language and so before the word then there was life before god. he couldn’t have made the place then.

I know this sounds maybe a bit mad but makes sense to me. of course its easy to find so called evidence to your own believe anywhere and yes I have always believed that mankind created god and not the other way around. this is just a thought I had, nothing more and shouldn’t be taken to offended any believe one might have.


6 responses to “god is…a word ?

  1. The thing about proving god’s existence is that everything is prove.
    The same things are prove for the believers that god exists and prove for the Atheists that god doesn’t exist.

    I’m not yet sure if for me god is only a word or more, I sometimes find myself praying but couldn’t agree to most of the things pastors are telling in mass. I used to pray to god when I was a child but only if I wanted something from him… usually I asked him to make my problems go away.
    and yet, if someone asks me if I believe in god, I can’t say yes. So I usually say no. but I’m not sure. I have problems believing in something if I have no evidence for its existence. But isn’t that the whole point of believing? that knowing isn’t necessary?
    I somehow admire people who can just say, yes, there is a god and he is good, I believe in him and I pray to him and he listens to me. I really look up to them. But on the other hand I just want to scream at them. can’t they see that what they’re saying is not true? that there can’t possibly have been a god that created earth and animals and people, that there was a thing called evolution and that’s that?
    I am undecided. Usually I get along just not being too interested in the existence of god. But I get really angry if someone tries to talk me into religion. Churches and religions and groups of people in general are not my thing… (and I won’t start to talk about the bible. Every time I try, I get angry…)
    oh sorry. I have written far too much.

    what about you? is god more than a word for you? do you believe in god? Have you read the bible?

    A thought just crossed my mind.
    “god is… a word?” I think it IS a word. a word that people made up for all the things they couldn’t explain… for the power of nature they couldn’t see… for the miracles they experienced… so “mankind created god” sounds quite reasonable…

    • first thank you for your reply.

      I do also admire people who seem to have the answer because that must be so much easier but I am not one of them. I simply can’t just believe something on faith alone.
      I think god doesn’t existed but am open to be proven wrong. I also think that the believe in a god is so strong in many that if he is real or not doesn’t really matter because the believe lead there actions anyway, whether he is there or not.
      I agree that god is the word we use for things we can’t explain and are unknown and frighting. we use to gave many gods, one for each thing on earth. now we have grown in understanding and the most have just one god for a peace of mind I guess. I know quite some things from the bible and more then most people also from other believes because it fascinates me. I am interested in the things that make people tick and there believes are a great part of that so I try to understand it or at least know about it.

  2. Please correct me if I’m wrong: I suppose you are trying to understand people. so many people believe in god and know parts of the bible that it is certainly a good idea to read the book.
    I have tried it as well. My mother left church when I was little child but she never stopped me exploring my (un)faith. when I was 9, there was some sort of religion class on Wednesday morning, led by people from the church (reformed church, not catholic). Although my mother was no longer part of the community, I was allowed to go there, I actually wanted to go because “all the other children went”. but even in that young age, I realised that something was wrong. I just could not get the things we read and sung and heard. I was always asking questions, annoying the woman because I suppose she wasn’t used to children questioning her.
    when I was about 11 or 12, I went to a Christian youth centre. once. I felt that it would have been a matter of days that I would start a discussion or even a fight because what we were told there made no sense to me.
    In secondary school, I made a third attempt and went to religion class (which was compulsory). I went there once. first of all I couldn’t stand the teacher and I knew that he wouldn’t be able to answer my questions. So I managed to be the only student (along with a Turkish classmate) who didn’t have to go to religion class.

    So you see – I tried to understand the stuff. I haven’t tried to read the bible for some time now. I mean, there must be good parts in it. being nice to each other, those kind of things.
    I don’t know why, but I have problems not taking words literally. that makes no sense at all because I love to “paint with words” as I call it.
    Apparently, writing and reading are not the same thing 🙂
    anyway, the bible is not something to be taken literally. If I ever manage to get over that, maybe I’m able to read it.
    It’s annoying really because I am actually quite interested in religions. the differences, different interpretations…

    Sometimes I think it would be so much easier if I just could believe and didn’t think that much.

    How about you? what is your experience with religion in combination with school/education? have you found out what makes people tick? (if you do, please tell me…)

    “one god for peace of mind” – that’s an interesting thought. I imagine people in earlier times must have found it hard to pray to all the different gods so they just said “enough! from today on there will be only one, responsible for it all!” 🙂

    • my upbringing was non-religious because neither of my parents believe but I was free to learn about them, I think to make me more tolerant too them and the people who believe it and it did for the most part.
      I don’t know what make people tick, I think it maybe a lifelong journey to even come close to a answer on that as it is different or everyone and quite complex. some things of the bible are I think meant literally and are quite impossible in my mind. ( example is that mankind was created from just 2 people, who btw had 2 sons).
      its interesting that you say that god is responsible for all because its true (he is all knowing and all powerful so he must be all responsible) but most believers only credit him with the nice stuff. a loving forgiving god can’t be all responsible for the mess here on earth because that would make him tbh not that nice.

  3. well… In my mind I think of god as one. there is no satan.
    that is possibly a very unchristian thought but then again, I am not a christian. I mean I use the word devil just like the next person, it’s only a part of language. as is the word “god”, most of the time.
    But in my mind, there are not two forces, not god and satan. well, actually, there isn’t even a god, but I have no better word for it, apparently. there is one force and I suppose that force is nature… it’s good and it’s bad, life is given and life is taken, that’s the way it goes. It’s a horrible thought that there is a devil sitting in hell just waiting for good things to destroy.

    Oh but it’s absolutely understandable that believers only credit god with the good stuff, don’t you think?
    I mean it must be really hard to have faith in a god who is cruel. nobody wants to do that. maybe that’s why the devil was invented.

    One of my co-workers believes very strongly in god. and his wife even more. She is truly afraid of the devil. horribly afraid I think, for her he is real (as is god, obviously). that’s just something I cannot imagine or understand.

    Isn’t religion a subject in school in the Netherlands? Or is it connected only to the churches? sorry if I’m asking stupid things but I find those kind of discussions really interesting 😉

    • yes it is very understandable that they see the god as only loving, its a nice thought.
      your believe as I understand it is a older one, wherein life and death are just have there part in the balance of things as are good and evil. a lot of religions accept that it is necessary to destroy in order to create (otherwise one would have a space problem).

      we have classes that are optional but I never taken them, my parents thought it was better to have a humanism class in stead of religion. my brother and sister had some more Christian education because there school was mildly catholic.
      there are no stupid questions and I am also very interested in these discussions 🙂

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