the penguin and me

today I was asked the question on response to a youtube video I made, why penguins ?

I want to answer on that, honestly I  was meaning to do so for a wile.  it all began when I came on twitter, everyone had a picture where others could recognised them on. well I never been comfortable with showing my own face or even looking at my own face. especially when I  am a bit down I can’t stand to look at myself.  so I looked for something else, i think I just googled avatar, yes it was that  unimaginative.  I found this:

a sweet little penguin, something better then the standard image one gets when there is no image to be shown.  people like the penguin and it became something that identifies me as if it is a face. what also had a part in all is a fanvid or Jeeves and Wooster I loved the song, with the Stephen fry connection I felt like it was written for me, I used the song for one of mine fanvid together with all the penguin avatars I had collected till then.

the picture changed but I also liked the penguin very much, Its linked with the name fryfan20 that became my own in time, its maybe a strange name, randomly chosen for a forum but it is mine and I believe that there always be a penguin near.


One response to “the penguin and me

  1. I too have wondered about the significance of the penguin. Thank you for explaining. Really enjoying following you on Twitter. xx

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