equality, not just theory

today I had some words with my boss, not argy words, it was quite the adult conversation. the exact subject is not really important, its the principle that matters. it is a simple one and most western civilisations find it a very important one. everyone should have  equal chances in life. I really feel strong about this and maybe I am naive to aspect that everyone gets those chances.  a bit later then I there came a new boss at work and what he has been doing is creating differences between the one and other person that works with us.  and that was where it was about today, a couple people where given less chances at developing skills at work, that just makes my skin crawl. the reason is that these people have had less education then the rest but does this mean that they should be held back the rest of there live. maybe they can’t do it, its possible but they should be given a fair chance to try.

it doesn’t take a genius to see why it bothers me so much, I have been treated differently all my life. if it wasn’t for my parents fighting for my right to a fair chance I  wouldn’t have the life I do now. other people didn’t really believed I could learn like others and didn’t even want to let me try.

maybe I became a bit over sensitive on the subject but I can’t  and don’t want to change how I feel about it.


6 responses to “equality, not just theory

  1. I completely agree. Social injustice is jus something that we should not tolerate. Bosses or anyone who makes a decision based on someones age, disability, race , sexual orientation etc is wrong. These prejudical and discriminatory decisions are damaging. I have experienced this and anyone who has knows the pain that is involved.

    Our cahllenge is to cahnge this. My life is now deidicated to this call to action. Please let me know what you think.

    • thank you for your comment. honestly I wouldn’t know how to change this, people don’t really seem to listen to me.

  2. Well done for raising this with your boss, and for not showing anger. By expressing your views on this ( as you say, in an adult way) it helps change to take place. I think that sometimes it is easier not to get involved and just let these things pass by. Challenging them takes energy and motivation – so well done you !

  3. Unfortunately, it’s widespread problem. I had the same difficulties too at my last work. Nobody took me seriously, nobody listened me because I look young. I have university education (quite good), I have work experience more than 5 years (yes, it’s not much, but still) at my speciality, but they don’t care. Why? Because I’m 25 and still look like I’m 16. It’s incredibly hard to find a job, because everytime you go to the interview, they just look at you and say something like “Hey, girl, you better go back to school” That’s pretty annoying!
    I understand that it won’t be forever and it will pass, but still… that’s unfair! I don’t care how old is and what education/experience etc. has the person. I care what that person thinks and I don’t understand why other people don’t pay attention to things that really matter!
    Yeah, I said it before – I don’t understand people.

  4. We do need courage and energy to cahllenge such bullying behaviour. The effects on us are however really uncomfortable as we know. Understanding the behaviour is complex and involves a number of issues, including one that is dominant and that is of status. However by buikding up our inner strength and sense of self we can combat the other persons status.

    This howver takes work and energy on our own behalf. I would suggest that this may be the case here. It is never easy but always wothwhile building up our own sense of self.

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