youtube as gallery

can youtube be  a gallery for fart ?  I think it could, not the posted TV shows and other non-altered material but the tributes too people,  home made videos or images put to songs.

its a form of self-expression and is that not what art is?  I am always looking for ways to express myself and I found that the little videos are a way, a good way. and some are really good at it, the video tells something about the person that makes it. its can be what they love or just expressing how they feel.   there already have been singers that began with a youtube video and I think that is just the beginning. I’m thinking paintings and drawings  that could be shown in a 10 Min. home-madevid and that the art of combining sound and film or image becomes mainstream art beside paintings and sculptors. there might be argument against it as there are always with something new, one I can think of is that it might not be considered original because the material used doesn’t have to be made by the same person as the video but I think even if the raw material isn’t original the end product is.

I believe that online life will become more and more  a part of everyday life and so art will follow…


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