Saturday Centus – week 4

so, I took another shot at the prompt words. it was again a challenge but think I made something of it.I do want to thank everyone for reading and taking the time to comment on the little writings I do, its great to read people like what I make.

here is the thing of week 4, the prompt works are bold.

We walked into the mall together, I saw that he was looking for a way out but didn’t think he would dare to try to escape with a loaded gun against his ribs. The safe deposit box was close by, it would all have been over soon. If only that stupid bitch hadn’t run into us…..but a minute later I stood in the middle of the mall scanning the crowed for him when A security man came to up me and asked “May I help you, miss? You look puzzled.”I decided to take the change, I needed help to find the old man so I answered:“Mmmm… thank you, I’m just looking for my father. We came in together a moment ago, but he seems to have wandered off.”


13 responses to “Saturday Centus – week 4

  1. Excellent job! The style you chose fits the story very well and I like your turning point. Well done!

  2. Oh this was great. Everyone is so good at this. Excellent!!

  3. Nice work, I almost split the prompt in two as well, but didn’t!

  4. Hey, I wondered who it was I ran into in the mall!!!! So sorry to have gotten in your way! 🙂

    NIce job!

  5. Hey, I loved this. I could visualize all of it!

  6. Well done! A very suspenseful tale!

  7. That said, I enjoyed this immensely.

    Just a note: the only real rules are no photos and no splitting the prompt ~ eek!

  8. Wow, wonderful, wonderful story. You are doing awesome with this. I did cheat and use a story for my deep story…and next week just keep the prompt together and you will be rocking out with this meme!

    No worries!

    I’m really glad you are participating. This was some seriously tight writing!

  9. Nice and suspenseful, very well written. That is so hard to accomplish with so few words, but you pulled it off magnificently!

  10. Thanks for this little mysterious story. I am intrigue and want to know more. Good writing.

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