Saturday Centus – week 5

time for my weekly story. its not my best work I believe.

this weeks prompt words are in bold.

I settled into the comfortable movie theater seat with awkward 3D glasses perched on my nose, a small tub of popcorn on my lap, and a bottle of water lodged into the seat holder, my date and I glanced at each other through the glasses. I like film-dates they don’t have the uncomfortable conversations. When the man came in, I thought nothing of it, even when he stood right in front of the screen I tried to ignore him. Then he opened his jacket, I laughed and it took several seconds to realise that there was no life-show but just life and the bomb was as real as it could be. In my panic I forgot all about my date and just stared at the man, locked in my chair, waiting for instructions.


8 responses to “Saturday Centus – week 5

  1. Hello, this was interesting. It’s not too far from reality these days . I hope it never happens , I’m afraid after reading some of these takes that I will never want to go to a theater again. Ya that’s terrorism for ya. I’m sorry, but that was very good . Kudos

  2. Hi, This is good, I enjoy your take on it. I like the ‘film date’ setting and the description of your re-action to the ‘uninvited guest’. Well done! thank you for sharing it. 🙂

  3. Another good story! I like your turning point and the way you described the sudden change of atmosphere. Well done!

  4. I thought it was very good. Very different than the others. It had a big surprise in it. I didn’t think that’s what you were going to say when he opened his coat LOL. Great job.

  5. Nice twist on this. I enjoyed it completely.

  6. I liked this! Nice twist, not what I was expecting at all. Boy, talk about ruining a date!

  7. How sad that we think like this nowadays. Well written

  8. I had to read this twice because I thought he was FLASHING you! Geez, where was my mind?

    Hmmm…. don’t answer that rhetorical question please!

    And maybe that was your date! A real… ummm…. firecracker…


    I’m signing off now in shame!

    Thanks for linking up!

    (PS. I always love writing in white on this gray background. It makes me feel all cool! Thank you!_

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