oh my oh my oh my oh my…….

o dear, where did I get myself into this time? into the mess that I was just a couple weeks ago certain that I wouldn’t get myself into.

I littlairly said: I can’t do this. and I meant it but I didn’t so much changed my mind as just wanting to do the impossible.

I am going to Oxford England, without my parents to meet up with a lot of people and go to meet a man I really admire, and that all wile staying sane. I will do this all on the 18th of September 2010. that will be a couple months away.

the man I will be (hopefully) meeting is mr stephen fry himself. this will be the greatest joy ever and the greatest challenge…

I really hope I will be able to enjoy it all without being sick of fear and doubts, there is a lot to overcome for me. the travelling will be stressful. I am with a friend and do hope that one of us or both can keep a cool head through it all. then I will be staying in a country I don’t know for a couple days. and will be meeting a lot of people I never met before (although kinda know) also meet someone who has my and mine friends ticket. and meeting someone I totally fan, I love and adore him but he is always been on a save distance, what will he think of me when I stand there unable to speak clearly? form a English sentence? and what will the other people think. online I am pretty chatty and my English is charming in text but what if I disappoint? turn out not to be as interesting or kind as they think I am?

my mind seems to be built the way it is and it sees problems and fears every step of the way.

but he will be worth it, it sort of a try before you die kind of thing, this might be the only chance I ever get to do this.


3 responses to “oh my oh my oh my oh my…….

  1. Or it could be the start of other adventures for you! 🙂 It could be the first step of many. *hugs* xx

  2. lonelyaesthetic

    Aw, try not to worry too much, your fellow fluffettes are here for you. You can’t let this moment pass you by! And certainly don’t worry about not being able to say anything to Mr Fry, many fluffettes will be the same, the fact that you turned up to see him will make him happy enough 🙂 *huggles*

  3. queenofthebellybelly

    i think it’s very brave of you to come 🙂 you will be fine, you have your friend to accompany you and no fluffette would ever dream of thinking negatively about you just because you don’t talk much or for whatever reasons. You will see that many of us will be the shy or freaked out as well.
    I remember the time Ian and I went to meet Beth (@VictorianQueen) and I hadn’t been in England that long so I wasn’t used to talking a lot/ talking fast etc…you know. I felt really stupid because Ian and Beth were talking and I felt I couldn’t participate because everything was taking me too long, the moment for a comment on sth was already over when I found courage and words to say it. But it was still a lovely time because we three knew the situation, we tried to make it easier for eachother and we all wanted it to be great, it was really nice.

    I heard you’re in first row too 😉 See you there 😀

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