I am honestly nervous about posting this post because it can go so wrong. I have been writing on sort of a continuation of the chopped off ITV series Kingdom (starring Stephen Fry as Peter kingdom) I am nervous about posting the first part of it and that has more then one reason: 1 I know quite some fans of the series and am one so would hate to get it all wrong. 2 English is my second language so spelling, grammar and use of the language can be quite wrong. 3 I am always nervous to show what I made. this is part 1 of ep 1 (did it in parts so I can see what people think and it doesn’t get too long to read)

Peter walks back in his office after long holiday in Hawaii. The sight of him shocks Gloria, with open mouth she stares at a slimming and fit looking Peter. Peter she shouts out, you look…

well, its still me, a bit less of me, doctors orders. Well, startles Gloria who suddenly remembers how they said goodbye at the beginning of Summer, The embarrassment of her proposal and her almost leaving because of it still hangs in the air, its good to have you back. The phone rings and a relieved Gloria picks it up, Kingdom and Kingdom how can I help you?

A stab runs through Peters heart at the names Kingdom and Kingdom are still there but there is no Kingdom left, not a working one anyway. The holiday gave him time to not only to get in shape but also to think about the bomb that hit him, the man of who he thought was his father wasn’t.

Mr Snell comes bursting into the office and instantly starts ranting into Peters face. Its a outrage, they just threw her out, after years, she pays them so she has a right to be there, she Loves it but the new one just threw her out! Peter tries to calm him down but from experience he knows that it takes a while to calm this passionate persona. Please Mr. Snell calm down and tell who or what this is all about. I am telling you continues the ragged looking man, they have no right! Peter interrupts the streaming words again, who has no right on what.? The church choir Peter this new fellow just dumped her from the choir. Peter is glad that it looks like they are getting somewhere now just one thing left to ask, who got thrown out? Mrs Snell peter, he answers, my wife, they have no right, I tell you, no right!

Peter puts a hand on Mr Snells shoulder and guides him in direction of his office, I didn’t know that your wife sang he says in a friendly voice. If he was completely honest Peter wasn’t aware that Mrs. Snell made any noticeable sound what so ever, he certainly never heard her.

She has been at that choir for 4 years now, never been a problem but the old conductor went to retire in Ireland and they brought in a young new one, and now she is no longer welcome.

And did he give a reason to why she isn’t welcome any longer ?

He says its because no one can hear her sing, explains Mr. Snell. Peter lets go of a small sigh, he should have seen that one coming. But why is she in the choir then?

Mr. Snell gives Peter one of his looks, this was the isn’t it ovius look, Mr kingdom he says in a surprised tone, she happens to love to sing, its one of her deepest passions you see ? Peter isn’t sure if he does see it but doesn’t want to get in to it. So he stands op and says with his most professional sounding voice, I will have a little chat with the new fellow, see if I can work this out. Mr Snell seems content for the moment with this, thanks Peter and leaves.

Peter comes out of his office and looks around, its very quiet. Besides Gloria there isn’t anyone there. Peter turns to Gloria, where are the rest ?

Well, she answers with a smile, Lyle is with a client, Scot is at school and Beatrice took Petra for a visit to her grandma and father. if you wanted a welcome home party you should have called.

Peter smiled, no thats fine, will enjoy the rest as long as its here. He just finished that sentence and de front door opens and Peter realizes he said to much, into the reception area comes a long but still a bit shorter then Peter thin man about his age with a 2 day old beard and sunglasses, peter just noticed the sunglasses because of the lack of sun there seems to be outside. The man has a appearance that is a bit to “hip” for Peters taste or to be a local. The man takes of the glasses to revile a set of very blue eyes. Looks at Peter from tip to toe and simply states, I need a lawyer.

well, you have come to the right place because I happened to be one. If you come into my office, I shall see how I can help you.

Gloria dear, will you bring us some tea, having turned to his assistance side of the room again, Peter sees that she is simply starting with her mouth open to his new client. He clears his throat to get her attention again, this seems to wake her up and she stands up to make that tea.

Peter turns to his client again and as they walk into his office he says. so Mr…. Lefteck fills the man in. Mr Lefteck, continues peter, how can I help you?

I am making a film and like to shoot some scenes here in Market Shipborough and I need your help to get the locals to give the okay to do it explains Mr Lefteck. I see says Peter and what kind of film are we talking about ? Before Mr Lefteck can answer Gloria comes in with a teapot and 2 cups on a tray. She puts in the tea in the cups for the man asks what the client want in his and after all walks to the door but just before waking out she turns and says, sorry but I just need to say that I loved your role in Wind-blowers and in Better never again, your just wonderful. The man smiles politely and thanks Gloria for her kind words. Mr Lefteck is clearly much less surprised by this then Peter. Gloria leaves the office and a surprised peter asks, you are an actor ?

Oh yes, I did some Hollywood films but now I am trying to direct my first film, its a bit more challenging then I though to be perfectly honest. But to come back at your question, its a film about a couple kids who are getting into trouble with drugs, here I would like to film a part of there escape from there parents who want to put them in rehab. It is quite a funny film with a mild but serious warning. Peter nods, I see, well if you leave a list of places that you want to shoot and when then I can see what I can do for you. Mr. Lefteck hands over the list, thanks Peter and goes.

It is quiet again…

Peter picks up his jacket to go and see the church choir conductor about the Snell business but when he wants to go out of the door Beatrice walks in pushing forward a stroller with in that little Petra, she is grown quite some since last time Peter saw her. He opens his arms, Beatrice good to see you again! He shouts with joy. but Beatrice doesn’t fall into his arms for a hug, she just says hello in a cold tone of voice and walks past Peter. Peters heart seems to sink to where his bigger belly use to be, the news was maybe the hardest on his sister who now must feel like she has besides her daughter no family left. Peter still regards and loves her as his sister, no less as a couple months ago but he also knows that poor Beatrice doesn’t see things that way. Its either one thing or the other and nothing in between for her.

Peter considers going after her to have a good talk but decides that later when he has more time is better. He walks out the door, in the direction of the church.

In mean while Lyle bikes through a endless landscape, if it were a painting that would be lovely but Lyle is just lost, every now and then he stops and looks for some sign of where he is. After biking around for at least 30 minutes and quite frustrated with the sight of green pastures he sees a little cottage with a couple trees surrounding, that resembled the description that he got from his new client, accept that the young man said it was easy to find.

Arrived at the place Lyle put his bike against the wall and walks to the front door but before he has a chance to ring the bell the door opens and a young man on crutches steps outside to meet him. Lyle is a bit put back by this because he didn’t know his client would be disabled but restores his self faster then the man could notice. He stretches out his hand and gets taken by a other to do the introductions. His clients name is Jeff Chef which almost sends Lyle into a giggle by hearing it.

You want to come inside asks Jeff Chef to Lyle, he nods and answers yes, that is a good idea Mr chef. Call me Jeff, we are almost the same age.

Sitting a somewhat old-fashioned looking living room and after having accepted tea Lyle gets started to discuss the case. So Jeff he says looking at the police record that he picked out of his briefcase earlier, it says here that you have been arrested for smoking pot, is that right?

No answers Jeff shortly. No you weren’t arrested or no you where not smoking pot? Inquired Lyle.

No it isn’t right that they have arrested me explains Jeff. Lyle is clearly surprised by this and asks. But you are aware that smoking weed is illegal in the UK ? The man looks irritated to his lawyer but answers the question. Yes of course, but its the only thing that helps against the pain and nods to his leg that is clearly hurt, laying like a dead weight on the floor.

Lyle’s face clears up, this is going to be a easy one he thinks. its medicinal then he states to his client, do you have a prescription for it ? He asks hopefully. But the look on Jeff’s face speaks clearly and the word is NO. I tried to get one but my doctor can’t give it to me because it isn’t enough proof that it works in my case, there needs to be more study but that is expensive and there are just not enough patients.

And what is it that you have, if I may ask?

Of course you may answers Jeff, I was in a car accident, my leg got pretty messed up and it just never mended correctly and now it hurts constantly. I can give you the medical details if you need them. Lyle nodded yes, I will need them for the trail . I believe if I can give enough evidence that your use is for medical reasons and not just recreational, you may have a chance but in the main time I need you to stay off the weed understood ? I am sorry that your in pain but otherwise you look just like another addict to any judge. Jeff nodded noticeable reluctant. The two said goodbye and Lyle was back on his bike after having asked for directions back to the small town.

Arriving at the back-rooms of the church where the choir always practises, runs Peter into a young chap in a oldmans suite. Peter never saw the man before so reasons that this must be the new conductor. The man apologies and wants to walk further but Peter stops him by laying a hand friendly on his shoulder and with his usual warm smile says, I believe your just the one I am looking for. My name is Peter Kingdom, he says while shaking the chaps hand, the local solicitor Do you have a minute to spare ? The man is surprised that anyone would be looking for him, as he is just new in town but he has time before practise so asked Peter to accompany him to the room where the choir would be arriving soon.

Mr-I don’t think I caught you name just yet began Peter when they both stand for the Piano in what is clearly the choir practice room, its has something from a school but there are no tables just chairs arranged in 4 rows of about 5 chairs, it was by the looks of it not a big choir. The man grabs Peters outreached hand and introduces himself as Mr. Blacker. So, Mr. Blacker continues Peter in a formal but friendly tone, I am here on behave of the Snell’s. The change in the man’s face tells peter that he knows what this is all about and also that he doesn’t really want to hear what peter has to say next but non the less he continues with; Mrs Snell would like to keep singing for this choir, why won’t you let her. Mr Black reacts rather irritated and says: because Mrs Snell doesn’t sing, she makes a mockery of the choir. Peter takes a deep breath and try’s again, but Mr. Snell says that it is her passion to sing…and returns Mr black who is clearly not amused with the conversation, have you heard Mrs Snell about it? Or about anything..ever? Peter had to admit that he hadn’t, he was present at the wedding but wasn’t one of the lucky that heard her say the yes word. Peter isn’t planning to give it up that easily and calmly asks; but what is the problem in letting her stand there and do her thing?, it isn’t harming anyone. Mr Black sighs, yes it does, the church want to get involved with singing competitions and I fear that Mrs Snell will get us disqualified cause she isn’t singing. Now Peter feels he is getting somewhere, he was getting to the truth of things and that’s always an improvement he thought.

Back at home little Petra is clearly angry with something and Beatrice, walks out of the room where the girl is throwing her food at the wall to the reception area where Gloria sits as always behind her desk typing away at files. Beatrice is a women that people notice when she walks into a room, her eccentric personality combined with a attractive apprentice is a eye catcher for all. Gloria sees the distress where Beatrice seems to be in and a worried expression shadows her friendly smile, what is wrong dear? She inquires. Beatrice brings out a growl of frustration followed by her saying hysterically ‘ I have given birth to the devils child, she is impossible’ throws food everywhere and when I get mad she just giggles, blood underneath fingernails I tell you! whaaaa she utters again. Gloria holds in the laugh that comes up in her and says in her motherly voice, she just just at that ages where children get there own minds and want to show that, I remember its hard to deal with…hard to deal with, impossible you mean! Interrupts Beatrice loudly and after a small pause she says more sad then angry or I am just a lousy mother. No answers gloria as one would answer a disobedient child you are doing a good job by her and I won’t have you say anything otherwise. Every parent needs a break from time to time and its good that you take one, to get your grips…the speech would go on if it isn’t for the sound of a child crying that is coming from the kitchen, its Petra who’s beginning to wonder where her mother went off to. As Beatrice is clearly still upset Gloria offers to help out; I tell you what, you sit here and mind the store and I will take care of Petra.

congrats you got through it, let me know what you think, honestly I really want to know. good or bad.  🙂


2 responses to “Kingdom…continued

  1. Lily @Me_Piglet

    That is simply hilarious! Not a step out of character, not a single wrong note in personages behavior! The situations are exactly of the type they are in series! Go on with it, I wanna know what it all will come to at the end 😀

  2. Hughsanstewart1

    Spot on, you have perfectly describled
    the characters, love the attention to
    detail, and I’d doesn’t digress at all from the structure of Kingdom
    ***** 5 stars xx
    ps is the director played by Hugh Laurie?? In my mind it was him 😉

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