Kingdom continued…part 2

here goes nothing I guess, this isn’t yet the end of it and its a bit smaller then the first, hope its more readable this way. my excuses for spelling and grammar, not my strongest point. stays scary despite the wonderful comments I got on twitter and here, thank you all for that and thanks for giving it another try.

….The door swings open and in the door opening appears a heavy breathing Lyle who is use to biking but not so far in open land with nothing then him to catch the wind. Through his breath he says in a upbeat tone, I have a grant case, when his eyes catch Beatrice behind the desk he frowns a bit, were is Gloria ? Is the question that is being answered by nothing more then a nudges in the direction of the door to the rest of the house,Lyle takes that as enough information and continues his story about Mr. Chef, he assures her several times during his tale that Chef is the man’s real name but Beatrice doesn’t smile once and just ignores the young lad as much as possible wile her mind wonders to the situation with Peter and with Petra.

2 maybe 3 minutes after lyle comes Peter back, as soon as he is inside Beatrice stands up from her place and goes without saying a word to the back. Peter sighs and contemplates if he should go after her but decides to talk to her later. Now his young associate is practically jumping up and down with excitement about his new case but does goes by the proper nicety’s one does when someone just came back from holiday. Aloha, good to have you back Peter, had a good vacation? Dancing drinking and chicks he says with a playful wink but one correcting look of Peter makes him retract those last words almost instantaneous. Gloria steps back behind her desk to answer any calls that might come in.

Soo informs Peter, what have you been up to? Stayed out of trouble I hope? Lyle for whom this question couldn’t have been asked soon enough answers with enthusiasm that expresses itself by speaking slightly to fast. I have not only stayed out of trouble but also brought in business, a big case. A sent of worry glares over Peters eyes, what kind of case he asks carefully and when he looks over to Gloria he sees that she is surprised, this was something lyle hadn’t told her yet, what makes Peter not less worried. Its a case on behave of Mr. Jeff Chef, and yes that is his real name, who is in chronic pain since a car accident and has been using weed to reduce the pain and he got caught. He looks up to Peter to see what he thinks of it and discovers that the expression of worry has not dissipated from his face what makes him a bit more nervous then he already was. That’s a criminal case says Peter who is visibility aggregated, but you have no experience in criminal law !

Lyle catches a breath and says yes, see your point but I really think I can make a solid case and I am never going to have experience if I don’t try it. He ends the sentence with a please don’t be mad and let me do this smile. Lyles speciality. One look at those puppy eyes makes Peters heart melt, he lets out a deep sigh and says with a warning finger waving before Lyles face, al right, al right but if you get over your head you ask for help. Lyle nods frivolously and Peter waves him away, go on you have work to do. Lyle goes to his office leaving peter and Gloria alone.

Peter is just about to enter his own office when Gloria speaks up, you are going to have to talk to her, you know? She clearly is revering to Beatrice who is in the kitchen giving motherhood another try. Not a talk Peter is looking forward to, so he assures Gloria that he will talk to her but is busy at the moment. What isn’t a lie, he has to sort out mr snells “case”and arrange things for mr film-director. In his office he picks up the list that the director handed him and looks for them, most of the people on the list he knew and they will probably have no problem with a day filming in front of there stores or homes. It will be a as easy as a walk in the park, thinks Peter, he grabs the release papers that the director brought with to sign made made by Hollywood lawyers. Peter knows he is just a local boy who the people of Market Shipborough won’t turn down, a roll he accepts gracefully and with a smile.

Armed with a list of places, Peter strolls through the town, the sun is shining faintly and there is a easy breeze coming from the sea. The walk gives Peter some time to think and he has lots to think about. He breathes in the salted air deeply and looks up to the sky, its blue where its not filled with white fluffy clouds, British weather on its best he thinks with a chuckle.

He got 5 people off the list who where delighted that there is a film being made in there town as Peter expected, there is excitement about the film and fame to be felt in town….


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