Saturday Centus, week 15

I’ve done it again, wrote this for this weeks Saturday Centus and showing you now the result..before I hand you in my work I just want to thank Jenny Matlock for putting us up with prompt words every week so we all can have this fun 🙂

well, here we go, the prompt words are in bold, hopefully enjoy..

I listened to them from my perch on the top step and didn’t know whether to laugh or to cry or to scream in horror, what they said was so out there so impossible, I always suspected they had fallen in love before he died but she wouldn’t would she ? He might have been a nasty man but he was my father…a hundred thoughts filled my head and I tried my best to block them out by just repeating over and over to myself this isn’t real…it can’t be real..they couldn’t have killed…she wouldn’t just have deforest him.. this isn’t real..I heard it wrong..I must have..I’m dreaming..this is a nightmare….this isn’t real..


9 responses to “Saturday Centus, week 15

  1. Scary take on the prompt. Shudder…

  2. Kinda creepy lol but I liked it. Good Centus.

  3. Well done! Real suspense! Great twist on the prompt!

  4. I sure wasn’t expecting this! Great twist, bet she wishes she hadn’t been listening in on that conversation!

  5. Oh, goodness! Sometimes ignorance is bliss!


  6. Wow, I never ever thought of something so sinister when seeing this prompt!

  7. Oh dear … this took a bit of a frightening turn. Yikes.

  8. Wow, very creative take on the prompt. Kudos for taking it in such a suspenseful direction! Great job.

  9. I loved the suspenseful journey you took us on here.

    My mind races with the possibilities of what comes next!

    Thank for linking. I really enjoyed your use of the prompt here.

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