kingdom continues… part 3

again ready for your entertainment/horror a part of a all new Kingdom (season 4 ep 1) a series that ITV foolishly decided it could do without, leaving fans with a unfinished story and just plain pissed off..this is just a little writing of a fan that hopefully does some kind of justice to the series.(it can never be as good tho) the other  parts are also to be found on this blog.

dropping the name Lefteck seems to do well with the locals who clearly seen more film then Peter who prefers a date with good book or a evening at the opera. Especially the women brighten when his name is mentioned.

Back at the office, Lyle is hanging over books on law trying to learn all there is for his big case when the phone rings. Its Emily his girlfriend, hello pumpkin she greets, h-hai Emily. Lyle still can’t help it but to get slightly nervous every time she calls, this time he hopes that she hasn’t any big plans because the big case doesn’t leave much spare time. Small question she continuous, are you free next Sunday ? Sunday he repeats to buy sometime to think, I think I do, what did you have in mind ? Mum comes over for lunch, I like you to be there. Mum? As in your mother you mean? Yes, I already met yours. But I thought she didn’t give a toss ? She doesn’t but I do, so are you coming ?

Yes, I will. Okie, kisses. Even before Lyle can mention his big case the other side goes dead, she hung up. His conversations with Emily are never very long or complicated speciality on the phone. Lyle stares at the phone, now useless in his hand, lays it down and goes back to his book and notes.

Beatrice finally got little Petra down for her afternoon nap, to which the child strongly and loudly objected. A few days back Beatrice tried skipping the nap but that leaded to much more screaming and crying so no matter how much the child protested she has to have her 2 sometimes 3 hour nap. Gloria, the only one she knows with motherhood experience assured her that if she would keep consequent that the tantrums would subside in time. Now that it was quiet again Beatrice could think about everything again. She wondered if she was such a pain for her parents and apologises in her mind to them for that. Now all was quiet the feeling of being alone in the world that had been with her since Peter told her that they weren’t family after all was strongly there again. She wished for Simon to be there because, as screwed up as he was, they understood one other perfectly. She still loves Peter but he always had been so different then she and her brother, a world better then them and now she knew why. Simon… she whispers into the empty room, get your lazy arise back and help me..please. Nothing happens of course and tears roll over her cheeks for the so manyth time this summer.

On his way to the last place on the list, the docks, Peter crosses Mr Snell for the second time this day. HA! Yells the man from across the street, Peter..!

in his enthusiasm he get nearly knocked over by a elderly women on her bicycle who sneers at him before going back on her way again. When he reaches peter, he goes on.. have you told him to take my wife back again ? A sentence that could sound very wrong if one didn’t know where he was talking about and because he asks so loudly there are quite some looks from people around who indeed don’t know where its all about. Looks where Mr Snell is immune for as he gets them all the time but Peter is all to aware of them and tries to calm Mr Snell with answering his question. Yes, I asked Mr. Blacker why he wished for your wife to leave the choir and he did so because he is worried that he will be disqualified from the competition they will be entering because no one can hear Mrs Snell sing. Sidney Snell is clearly not happy with the explanation given and screams for all on the street to hear, but he can’t do that can he?!

Well, answers Peter in a hopefully soothing tone, as a club he can include or exclude members in it as he likes but I might have a solution to your problems, meet me in my office with your wife tomorrow at 2 O clock, I’ll have Gloria ask Mr Blacker to come as well and we will talk this out. But Mr Snell, you and he pointed his index-finger as if he is warning a child, have to cooperate, so no yelling, we are going to sit and talk this out as adults okay? Mr Snell opens his mouth, changes his mind, closed it again and nods.

That evening, Peter is sitting in the living room, gives a look at the still unpacked luggage but decides that they can wait till morning. Beatrice hasn’t left her room this evening and it doesn’t look like she will be joining him. Before she left for the day Gloria pressed on his heart that he had to talk to her and Peter knows better then to ignore her wise counselling. So he gets up from the sofa, goes into the kitchen and starts making tea. Peter always thought that a cup of tea does well for talking. With a tray with tea, two cups and some biscuits on a dish makes Peter the way up the stairs to Beatrice room, who sort of expected him already. He knocks on the door but when there is no answer he opens it, Beatrice looks up from the sofa she sits on to Peter and goes back to ignoring him.

she is clearly angry looking away from him as a sulking child, Peter sighs deeply but isn’t really to give up just yet. I brought tea he says as lift up as possible and puts the tray on the small table in front of them, with cookies he adds almost desperately. When its clear he gets only silence from his sister he continuous, come on Bea we need to talk..

There’s nothing to talk about! she snaps as she turns her head to Peter who now sits next to her. looking him strait into his eyes she adds, we thought we where family, now we know we are not, that’s all. Its clear to Peter that there is a lot more to it then that and that Beatrice is really trying not to scream or cry. She would Probably have done both if it isn’t for the child that is laying peacefully at sleep in the next room.

As often is the case, now that Beatrice started talking she doesn’t stop there and Peter patiently waits until she is all done ranting. Beatrice stands up from the sofa and places her self between Peter and the door, for a minute Peter thinks she is about the storm out the room but she turns to him and says with a voice now filled with anger. But you want to talk, so lets talk, how was Hawaii Peter ? Had a nice vacation ? Her voice races but not by much cause still does her best to contain herself not to wake Petra. You left Peter, you drop the bomb and then ran away as the coward you are. And NOW you want to talk ? no, we don’t need to talk and tell you even better I will find a place for myself and Petra so that we won’t disturb your perfect little life any longer, as we aren’t family any longer there’s no need to care for us any more. Peter wants to say a million things to her but knows his Sister well enough to know that nothing he says at this moment will change her mind and stays quiet as she storms to the door but instead of walking out she simply opens it and makes with one look perfectly clear that she wants him to leave. Peter feeling slightly overwhelmed by her outburst leaves the room with out uttering a word.

She will come around Peter, she always does, she just needs time. Says aunt Auriel with whom Peter is having tea in the large yard by the retirement home. I knew it would be very hard on her, poor girl. That is one of the reasons I kept it silent for so long. Now we are on the subject, says Peter looking slightly nervous, do you know..he pauses because he is about to ask a question where from he isn’t sure he wants to know the answer..his aunt understands the question unspoken en shakes her head no, she says and for what its worth I don’t believe your father..I mean ..Kingdom didn’t either. I only know your not his because I am better at maths then he was..or paid better attention in biology-class. He wasn’t in the county when you where umm made so to speak. He probably thought you where his also. And you decided to keep it a secret ? Inquires Peter who is now becoming a bit emotional. Yes, it seemed the best thing to do, what good would it have done if I had told people? Non at all I tell you. Peter understands her point and it agrees that it would have probably been better if he had never found out.

to be continued…


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