Saturday Centus..week 18

I dived again into writing a pice for Jenny Metlock’s blog. thats this one –> give it a look.

you may have noticed that I don’t do this every week and there are a couple reasons for that. the first is time, I sometimes just haven’t got any. and second is inspiration that is sometimes not there and third is mood, if I am really down then I won’t even try to write.

well here is this weeks mix-up with words, opinions are always welcome, the prompt is in bold.

It was a dark and stormy night.

The wind whispered sweet words but gave no comfort

the rain was harsh, cold, and cardboard gives little protection.

Under the naked sky, misery earned his name

when sunlight died, hope gave away under the weight of the world

so I laid down on the earth of stone,

and waited for the cold to take me home


12 responses to “Saturday Centus..week 18

  1. So sad sounding…but nicely done!

  2. First I have to say we are opposites. I do my best writing when I am down, the words just flow – fall to the paper if you will…other wise I have to actually try…and trying stinks!

    Second of all this piece is just beautiful. I hope you have never spent a night quite like that but you painted it in such a way…

    • I can assure that it really is fiction,never spent the night on street.
      the emotional underline so to speak is something I have had some experience with but I survived and am fine now 🙂

  3. Wow.

    This is a wonderful, thought provoking link. I’m glad you weren’t too sad to write it.

    Very touching and so tightly written I believe it can truly hold all our tears.

    Thank you.

  4. Wow, this was amazingly beautiful although being profoundly sad at the same time. Really enjoyed this and great job.

  5. I could almost feel the life draining from your character as the piece flowed through to the end. Amazing use of the prompt.

  6. I am taken by this…so well written…for me, somewhere between a homeless person and an old Native American going to the wilderness to die…Would like to know what this was about…Peace

  7. Wow, you stirred so many feelings with so few words! An amazing piece! Great job!

  8. You need an opinion on that? It was great! I loved this line: “Under the naked sky, misery earned his name”. Wow! Your introduction did not reveal the true power of the words you wrote!

    I just posted two assignments in one post. I’m bad, but come visit me anyway!


  9. You painted such a moving picture with this. My favorite line? “hope gave way under the weight of the world” Beautifully written.

  10. Poignant and well-written.


  11. Wow, this was so moving and powerful. Excellent job!

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