Saturday Centus..week 22

this time the prompt arn’t words but a image. this one:

there where no Princesses, no ballroom dances.

no midnight magic, no fancy dresses

just a cold clear night

and a little girl in open field

in night gown, with bare feet

all alone, a long way from home

and a heart filled with Cinderella dreams


23 responses to “Saturday Centus..week 22

  1. Oh I love this! Especially the last line 🙂 thankyou for sharing it with us x

  2. Very, very beautiful!

  3. Ah…I so remember the time when I dreamed Cinderella dreams as well.

  4. Very nice! Beautiful poem . I loved it !

  5. Oh, that is just so beautiful! I loved it. 🙂

  6. This one definitely captured my imagination.


  7. What a fine take on the photo prompt…poignant, evocative…Peace and blessings

  8. awe….simple and sweet. well done. the little girl was so easy to picture.

  9. Great take on the pumpkins! Loved it! Wish I thought of the Cinderella spin!

  10. Hello! Haven’t seen you here for a while. This is really beautiful. You have captured the atmosphere really well! hope to see you next week!

  11. this was so lovely and has a dreamlike quality to it. Good job.

  12. This brought a big smile to my face at the end. That says a lot. This is excellent! Thanks.

  13. Idealism of a lost little girl. Very nice!~Ames

  14. bipity, bopity, boo!

  15. This is wide open with possibility for me. I enjoyed that you let our imaginations take us away.

  16. Oh this is just wonderful, I loved it! :o)

  17. Such a beautiful, wistful poem. Very nicely done.

    Mine is here.

  18. Very creative take! Thank you for sharing.

  19. how are you!This was a really admirable theme!
    I come from milan, I was fortunate to come cross your topic in digg
    Also I learn a lot in your website really thank your very much i will come later

  20. We could all use a few “Cinderella Dreams.” Thanks for this sweet post………cj

  21. Lovely, just lovely. The image of that little girl dreaming in the pumpkin patch is just beautiful.

  22. Dreamy, evocative, visual, lovely.

    I think I’ve forgotten about Cinderella Dreams of late.

    Thank you reminding me to stop and feel them.

    This was really amazing.

    Can you e-mail me about this poem if you have a moment?

    jennymatlock at cox dot net

    Thank you so much.

  23. I came back to read this for the fourth time and I am still beyond enchanted with this.

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