NANOWRIMO..I’ll give it a go

for who are wondering what in earth’s name is NANOWRIMO ? don’t panic its nothing bad, its a writing challenge. the assignment is always the same and quite simple: write a 50,000 word novel in 30 days (1 November till 30 November).

I heard about it last year I think and my reaction was, no way I am doing that ! it seemed stressful and what if I couldn’t do it ? so why the change of heart? well, I want to challenge myself and this could give me that extra push to keep going and write something big. I have no idea what I will write and if its gona be any good but it will be a original piece written by me. who knows maybe I could clean it up later and publish it (dream on dear). I am not sure weather I will write in dutch or English, I have shown I can do both and some kind souls say my English isn’t all that bad but I don’t know in witch I will be more confertable and that I will have to find out before November.

now you know what I will be up to, you might not be surprised if there is no blogpost in November, if I want to do this I really have to spent a lot of time (next to my 40+ hour job) on it. I have done the maths and have to write more then 1666 words a day to make it, that’s quite something I think.  so please excuse any absent from here and even from twitter some hours a day.


One response to “NANOWRIMO..I’ll give it a go

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