impressions from a afternoon walk

On my walk I came across many families, there is something appealing about families on a Sunday autumn afternoon walking together in the forest. A mum, dad and one or more small children together. The children stop every now and then to put a treasure of nature in the plastic bags the took with them. They are smiling and the sun shines on them, they are happy. I must say that I don’t know whether I want to be the mother or the child, there is something to say about both. As I walked I wondered; do I want to be the one protected, loved and discover everything with new eyes or do I want to be the one that keeps that precious life save and love it with whole my heart, to be the one that shows the world to him or her ? By considering both a small stab runs through my heart, the one I can’t become again the other I will never be.

I came by a clearing, there is a small lake and there are pine trees behind it. The sun shines low thought the trees and almost blinds me. I do see a mother and child playing a bit further on and when I sit down to enjoy the sunshine, a dog runs besides me and jumps without second thought in the lake. A man comes after the dog, he greats me and remarks what a wonderful day it is. I confirm that it is and feel quite normal in that moment. There is nothing so ordinary as talking about the weather. The man goes and plays with his dog, they seem good friends. Before the man has a chance to come back I go on walking because further conversation would almost certain ruin the moment.

I walked on a path and suddenly I find myself on a cross way, there are three paths on each side on me, I stand still and look around. Even though I know where I am suppose to go there is something lost about being between so many roads, it looked like something out of a film or fairytale. For a moment I imaging that witch way I go will be the difference between going home and being lost forever, that its not a path in the forest but a metaphor for having to choose a path in life. I could almost hear a voice telling me to choose wisely…


2 responses to “impressions from a afternoon walk

  1. Wow, that was really beautiful. I can actually relate to a lot of thoughts you have explored here.

  2. The combination of the description of scenery and activity, with the personal reflections, provide an interesting and enjoyable read. Thank you for sharing this. It is a lovely piece of writing.

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