Saturday Centus..week 24

another week another try. the prompt is in bold.

“Trick or treat!” they shouted as the door opened.. angel faces dressed as scary monsters stared for a moment in silent shock, then broke into laughter as they collected there sweets. Hallows eve, on this night his face is just a mask for which children will bravely stand and laugh. Tonight he doesn’t have to hide in shame but can walk proudly in the illuminated streets. He talks to the strangers that life next door, about the pleasures of life that he doesn’t get to see and only on the question who makes his make up his voice breaks and he answers this too is what god creates..


17 responses to “Saturday Centus..week 24

  1. Oh wow! Again a very touching and beautiful piece.

  2. This was very good. You were able to express his feelings so well. Nice, unexpected use of the prompt this week, a very poignant post.

  3. Hi nice blog. The white font on black background made this story a little more scarier . I like it .

  4. Good one, and poignant.


  5. I love this, it’s beautiful. Especially the almost-rhyme of “breaks” and “creates” in the last sentence really finish off the piece in style. The concept is also genius.

    One small thing, though, and please don’t take this as criticism, but perhaps you’d consider someone proofreading your pieces for you? For example, you once use “witch” where you should use “which”. It’s just a detail and quite irrelevant, but some people might find it easier to read otherwise.

    Anyway, loved it. Those final words (“This, too, is what God creates”) keep rolling around in my brain. The whole piece reminds me slightly of one of Oscar Wilde’s quotes: “Give a man a mask and he’ll tell you the truth.”

    • oh dear, I will correct it. your proofreading it as we speak, my excuse is that English is my second language not my first.

  6. I really liked the message being spoken in your piece. If only we would all look at each other as God’s creations.

  7. You brought a tear to my eye! What a wonderful story. Bravo!

  8. Very well written and so touching. I can feel his pain. Good job.

  9. Brilliant!!! well done.

  10. Very well done, this was quite touching and rather poignant!

  11. Wow! A really interesting take on the prompt! Well done!

  12. Very touching. A great reminder that we should be grateful and accepting of those who are different.

    Mine is here.

  13. I reallyliked this story. Great post!

  14. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we were ALL created equal? This is a well thought out and touching reminder. Thanks so much for putting these important words on the page……………..cj

  15. Halloween masks. The great equalizer.

    I would never have thought to take this prompt in that direction but it was pure genius.

    What a creative use of these words…you made me think.

    Thank you.

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