just a week from now..

the madness begins, I and many with me will start writing our #nanowrimo (see Nanowrimo I’ll give it a go blog for explanation) I am very exited about this even though I am a bit scared but that is just my fair of failure I have to get through.  I have a idea where I am going to write about, not sure in what genre  I could put it, always found it hard to categorize what I write. I have decided to write in Dutch, its just easier for me. I have also decided to decide before I will write what form it will be in (in I form or he/she, past or present)  I never done this before but feel that its necessary now. I had difficulty to make up where it should be about and it didn’t help that it was alloud to be about anything you like. even when on school, I could do assinements but when the tutor said you can do anything you like, I froze, my mind goes blank when I can do anything. not sure what this is but I never could think of anything myself. when I got a suggestion from another I could take it from there and come up with quite some creative things but without even a hind I was a blank. maybe its my fear of failure or the fear of showing myself(emotionally) that was behind that. showing yourself is where art is all about and there is something very frighting about taking what are normally privet emotions and put it into something that is for everyone to see, it can I suppose feel like standing naked in a classroom.

but I am wondering off, I have a idea and will just see how far I will come, there is one more thing I fear I have to do.. seriously cut down on my online time, especially twitter. not sure if I should take a break for a month (the fry method) or just plan a couple hours a day (more in weekends and the week off work) to turn off all online contact and write. its hard because I am quite use to being in contact with tweople all the time and I suppose it gets lonely when I’m not but one has to suffer for art…

thats enough words of rambling again, hope it makes sense and thanks for reading 🙂


One response to “just a week from now..

  1. Will miss you online of course, but I’m also looking forward to reading your finished work. *goes to brush up her Dutch* 😉
    Best of luck!

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