saturday centus…week 25

and here we are again with a attempt to write, with this one I want just to say that it is pure fiction, for me anyway.the prompt is in bold

There is a monster, he life’s in our house

I can hear his steps on the stairs and then in the hall

I can’t breath when he comes in for his kiss goodnight.

This wasn’t what she expected to read from a child so young when the teacher read it to her husband that evening he shivered en said: this is the scariest story I have ever heard, please tell me it isn’t true ..


16 responses to “saturday centus…week 25

  1. So sad, unfortunately it’s true for too many. Nice, thought provoking use of the prompt. Kat

  2. Way too close to home for me! Good take on the prompt, though, and good writing!

  3. Very interesting way to go with this prompt. What a dilemna for the teacher to be in. I would like to think she would do something about this story. Very thought provoking Centus. Good job.

  4. How terribly sad, and all too uncommon. Thanks for the reminder that so many wee ones need protection from their own families……………..cj

  5. What a great way to work with the prompt, very creative, unexpected and thought provoking. Well done!

  6. Oh dear … this was scary and more than a little disturbing.

  7. There are more children than we’d like to think about who live this story.

    Let’s hope that the next part includes the teacher talking this over with other adults at the school, and determining what steps to take next to determine the truth.

  8. This is a great piece of writing. Really powerful & chilling.

  9. that was brilliant

  10. Unsettling and disturbing. And yes, I hope part 2 would be the teacher calling this so the attention of the school counselor.

  11. Very poignant. There’s so much story underlying this one. Great perspective.

  12. oh my, I think I might cry.

  13. decksidethoughts

    Sounds true. That makes it very scary indeed.

  14. Great take on the prompt. This is really scary stuff that is, unfortuantely for many, very close to home. Well done!
    Best wishes,
    Anna’s & Sara’s SC-post Week 25

  15. Very compelling story! A lot to think about in so few words. Well done!

  16. I waited until Halloween to read this.

    This is really one of the scariest scenarios I can imagine.

    Thank you for sharing this TREAT with us!

    And thank you for linking.

    Have a BOOtiful Halloween.

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